Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 4: Last Resort

Tsubasa fiercely battles against the girl in the Nehushtan armour and decides that since she can’t beat her with her current power and that she’s determined to do so; Tsubasa sings her Swan Song, only to fail finishing off the enemy, and ends up in critical condition as her life was barely spared. Hibiki finally starts to blame herself and understand that she can’t do anything if she continues to try replacing Kanade and not be true to herself.

It’s about freaking time that Hibiki understands what she was doing wrong!!! She was even told that she can’t replace Kanade no matter what. She has to be herself- and I bet that’s the exact reason why she wasn’t able to withdraw her weapons in the first place. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode and hopefully see Hibiki defend the city on her own as Kanade makes her recovery.
The battle between Tsubasa and the girl in the Nehushtan armour was enjoyable to watch. It was even more fascinating to learn that their opponent had a complete relic, not a piece of shard or anything like Tsubasa and Hibiki has. It was also interesting to see that the enemy’s mission was to capture Hibiki- I wonder why that’s the case? Maybe they (the mysterious evil organization) wants Gunnir? This girl was also able to summon noise right off the spot- that’s insane.  Tsubasa has also used her Swan Song, which was a big enough threat to start off with, but certainly did not finish her main enemy. She’s lucky to have survive since Genjurou had arrived at the scene just on time. I imagine that if he hadn’t, she wouldn’t be alive right now.
It was great to see Kanade’s backstory and learn that she was found as a sole survivor from the Noise attack and desperately wish for revenge and would do whatever it takes to obtain power. Since Kanade didn’t have any powers to begin with, she had to obtain it ‘artificially’ and undergo terrible, gruesome operations in order to try making her body compatible with a relic. For so long Kanade had focused on killing off the Noise and didn’t think much about her singing until she was told by people it gave them hope, which she then decided that wouldn’t it be fun for the two of them to become official vocalists.
Overall strong episode. The backstory was definitely quite chilling to watch, we never seen or knew Kanade before their last performance, so it was quite startling to see how wild and crazy she was to seek revenge and obtain power. Now that Hibiki finally understands and is taking this seriously enough to seek training, I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.


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