Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 7: baby killing! Yay!

Well guys. Not gonna lie. This episode has a child in it. A child that rivals the insanity of Yuno. So uh, yeah. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also on that note, EVERYONE GET YOUR HOLY WATER

I don’t even know if I need to use any other pictures for this episode. That one pretty much sums it up.

Okay so this little shit is Fifth. In the last episode he mysteriously trips into Yuno and stabbed a pillow, accidentally, with scissors he had while running. He’s a little fuck. So it turns out, shocker, they killed his parents or most likely did or what the fuck ever. They did it. And yet he doesn’t even seem to care, he’s focused on being an elite. So he spends this whole episode plotting cunning ways to kill the two of them while still seeming sweet and innocent.

Now you see, Yuno is like “why the fuck should we even bother finding his diary, lets just kill him?” and before you go, Yuno, how could you! Let me actually defend my yandere wifey. You see this little fucks diary only tells him of three times during the day. So he plans everything accordingly. Well he tries to poison Yuno and Yuki, and Yuno’s bipolar schizo memory paranoia bullshit actually saves the day and she throws away the kids salad. Then he tries to take a shower with Yuno and it turns out he wants to electrocute her. FOR ONCE, Yuki actually saves the day. He blows the power breaker and this saves Yuno from being fucked over.

So Yuno has a valid point. Little shit is insane.

Of course her point becomes valid when she’s CHASING A SMALL CHILD AROUND THE HOUSE IN ORDER TO HAMMER HIM TO DEATH.

I r scared >_

Yuno and Yuki run to intercept the mail and Yuki grabs it from him and rips open the package…which releases poison gas all over the house and especially into Yuki’s face. He is poisoned and Yuno drags him into the bathroom and shuts the door. Fifth agrees to give her the antidote if she can catch him running through the poisonous house. A chase ensues and Yuki actually saves Yuno at one point blah blah. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS. SHE STABS A CHILD. A CHILD IS STABBED. THERE IS CHILD MURDERING IN THIS SHOW. THEY EVEN CENSOR IT. CAN I EMPHASIZE THIS ANYMORE? OH WAIT, I CAN, THROUGH SCREENSHOTS




…DO I NEED TO STATE AGAIN SHE KILLS A CHILD? No? You got it. Okay. Just checking.

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