Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 1 [First Impression]: Alone with Three Girls


Segawa Yuuta is living his life at university, making friends with his big-titted senpai Oda Raika and having his buddy Nimura crash over at his place. One day, his married older sister and her husband have to go away on a trip, and so Yuuta is asked to take care of her three daughters Sora, Miu and Hina, of which only one is related by blood to him.


I was bored, so I decided to download this and try it out. Me being me, I had loads of misconceptions about this that I was quite surprised to be proven wrong in. Er…well one of them was that I had gotten the wrong show completely, from the college setting and dodgy perverts at every corner which every ecchi/loli show should know to avoid. I was pretty pleased actually, since my second prejudice was that it would be a show which spent time on Yuuta trying to build a relationship with the girls as they went all tsuntsun on him, where in fact they seem more comfortable around him than the other way round.

Right, back to the start. As most generic main characters go, this guy probably fits the bill. Okay, protagonist…check. Time to add in the male sidekick and generic love interest. Nimura and Raika…check. School setting? Check.

Actually Raika does get some credit for her huge boobs being hilarious with her monotone sobbing and the nekomimi. Unlike other shows where the protagonist and the love interest spend ages going in circles, somehow resetting a few times halfway, Yuuta is definitely interested in Raika, and very possibly vice versa. With how the girls are taking to Yuuta though, I think we’re back to going in circles.

The girls themselves are all KAWAII AS HELL, especially Hina who looks a bit like a baby version of Shana xD Miu seems really responsible and mature, though if that’s just to make a good first impression then I wouldn’t bank on that being her proper personality. Oh, and Sora is a tsundere, but already far past the denial stage and beginning to accept it. In terms of how much ecchi this will have, you can tick off the boxes for the Sora and Miu fanservice, but I’m sure everyone would prefer it if Hina stayed out of the range of fanservice – we really don’t need another Lotte on our hands. Especially as she’s only 3 years old anyway.

…You kinda have to wonder what kind of father the girls have – er, they’ve mentioned that Hina is Yuuta’s sister’s child, which leaves Miu and Sora, blonde and brunette respectively. Though there isn’t any proof necessarily, why do I get the feeling that Miu and Sora have different mothers? They seem pretty different, and I doubt they’d be allowed to dye their hair.

Heh, a comedy. For some reason I can’t seem to figure out the reason I like it, only that I do and enough to the point that I would want to cover it for its two-cour length. Anyway, this looks like some light-hearted, ecchi fun, and god knows I need more of that after yesterday’s Another.

Possibility of Watching: Definitely

Possibility of Blogging: Probably

0 thoughts on “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 1 [First Impression]: Alone with Three Girls

  1. I think it was mentioned that the dad was remarried twice or something? That probably explains the other two daughters. I was pretty happy with the first episode, but I heard it is going way slower than the manga. And apparently Sora’s crush on Yuuta is a lot more secretive in the manga. Here it is horribly obvious haha.

    Still the three girls seem cute and sweet so I’m looking forward to the series. The monotone sobs had me laughing pretty hard too. Hopefully the series doesn’t disappoint.

    1. Yes, that would explain it. For pacing, it’s not unusual for anime adaptations of manga to be going slower, so I do try my best to avoid the manga as much as possible. Unsuccessfully with Bakuman of course.

      And same, I see potential in this series, if it plays its cards right xD

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