For a show that is only 3 minutes long with a 30 seconds outro, this was actually really funny.

I was not too sure what to expect from this show, It is only 3 minutes long and it involved a story about a tall 11 years old guy and his short sister, that was about all I knew. Now 3 minutes have passed, and that is pretty much what I still know of this show.

He has good reasons to be worried about his coming test

Not many things can be said in only 2 minutes and a half, what I did learn was that Atsushi is really terrible at the flute and that his life must be terrible because he looks so old. I’m not sure if we will actually learn much more than that during the season, but it won’t really matter, for something that is only 3 minutes, it was 3 minutes well spend for me. Considering the minimal amount of time this show requires to follow, I can say that I will be watching it and blogging it.


Just don’t expect to read as much in my entries compared to 23 minutes shows.

Possibility of Watching: Yes

Possibility of Blogging: Yes


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

I feel like a pedo…. Seriously…


Ah well. Leaving that aside, I have to admit that this show seems to be quite awesome indeed, despite it being only 3 minutes long. Unlike the failure that was Lovecraft, this show has tons of potential, incredible art and tons of really awesome humour. The molester scene asolutely killed me!

Also, seems like I'm not the only one, so I guess it's fine... Right? RIGHT?

Seriously, I love this show. The only bad thing about it was that it was so damn short. Put me down for blogging with Zero!


Possiblity of watching: Yup

Possibility of blogging: Damn right

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  1. Jester

    I guess this show didn’t catch my attention as much as you two. I did like the little cross over from Morita-san though. I’m just afraid that they wont keep up with the jokes. The slice of life might be interesting. I’ll give it a couple more episodes

    1. ZeroG

      The show was nothing awesome in term of story or character, but I laughed a lot and it was really short. So it was really an intense funny episode for me, hence why I loved it. Minimal effort to watch and great reward.

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