Recorder to Randoseru episode 3: Sayo and Atsumi

Time to learn more about the cute and dwarfish Atsumi!

ZeroG’s Impression

This show is so short ! I felt like I just went into the mode to get into the story and then the ending starts ! This episode was not as fun as the first one, but I liked it nonetheless. I love how every guy starts eavesdropping when Sayo and Atsumi starts talking about their dream guy, what was a little disturbing was that their only criteria for a dream guy was how tall they were. It seems that for Sayo, if the guy is 180 cm or more, he is already perfect and doesn’t need anything like a healthy body, a personality, intelligence, manners and he has no need to be kind. But then again, considering that they are in japan, I guess that there are not that many guys over 180 cm to begin with. I would gladly meet that girl, since I fulfil her only criteria, I’m lucky she has just one, otherwise I would fail all the others.


I'm on a horse

On the other hand, Atsumi doesn’t seem too concerned with guys, I don’t know if it is because she has the look of a 5 years old, but I just can’t imagine her going out with any guy that is not a 60 years old perverted old priest. The only thing she said was that she was hoping for a guy over 137 cm tall, that eliminate pretty much only the midget, and even then, only the small ones. But at her height, she would be watching her boyfriend’s crotch more than anything else if the guy is anywhere above average height. She would break her neck if she wanted to look the guy in his eyes, that just seems that it wouldn’t work.


That was it for this week episode, I’m curious to see which way this really short show will turn out.


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

It’s lunchtime!!!!

You've got the wrong idea, you perverted woman.

I think it’s safe to assume that Sayo looks much more like a premature mom when she’s beside Atsumi than an actual friend of hers. Especially when she feeds her like that, saying “you’ll grow big and strong if you eat a lot!”. Just like Zero, I quite enjoyed the eavesdropping, it looks like Atsumi is quite the popular girl at school really guys, you’re all hitting on someone who looks like a 5th grader, just sayin’. As for Sayo, I think she’s just a lost cause at this point, gone forever into dreamland and never coming back. Until she learns that she’s been a pedo for a long time I can’t wait to see that moment.

The ears intrigue me...

So basically, nothing much happened this episode, it wasn’t that funny and I’m still waiting for another one of these killer episodes that will make me laugh my ass off. If this was more than 3 minutes I would be starting to lose interest in blogging right about now… But it’s so short that I actually don’t care much about it.



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