Amagami SS+ plus Episode 6: BRB CRYING FOREVER ;_;


Ai spends the Christmas Festival alone, however as she walks through town looking for a present for her brother, she runs across Junichi who has managed to sneak out of his cram school training camp, with Umehara helping to save him by pointing cram school officials in the other direction. Ai and Junichi then spend the rest Christmas Eve together, and kiss just as the snow starts falling, while looking out over the city.


Manly tears of manliness.

It’s at times like this when I really hate the dreaded reset, and subconsciously I kept trying to stall watching this ep, if it meant that we’d still be on Ai-chan’s arc and not anyone else’s. At least it’s Kaoru’s arc next, it makes me feel a bit better since I thought we’d move on to Sae if we went in reverse order to the original Amagami.

In terms of actual events, not much happened other than Ai and Junichi managing to make their Christmas Eve date by a bizarre stroke of luck, but then again I didn’t mind that bit of peace among all the misunderstandings and relationship problems that romances usually have. I was surprised the cram school training camp let him leave at all in the first place, with the way Junichi just randomly stood up and decided to make a break for it. He’s going to have to owe Umehara one (though only in this timeline) as leading the cram school people in the wrong direction was magnificently done. Poor Umehara though, forever alone.

I actually got a few good laughs out of Miya this ep, one almost immediately at the start with her over-exaggerated Romeo impression. She’s more of a comic character than anything, even though she has her own mini-arc where they explained the idea behind calling the series Amagami, which I still remember as being “gentle bite” in English. Also Miya seems to be as perverted as her Nii-nii, happily Fuwa Fuwa Timing over there in Sae’s boobs. Which is her only redeeming trait, I don’t care much for the overly meek quiet girls.

The scene over at the mountain top was breathtaking, especially when you can look out over the edge and see over the entire city decorated for Christmas. Ai-chan looked more like an adult version of herself with her new coat on, while Junichi…looked exactly the same LMAO. Then the snow started falling, everything was so romantic and I asked myself why the fuck this only had 12 episodes for about the tenth time. Ai-chan ;_;

Hahaha Junichi sure moves fast, since we immediately timeskip from the kiss to after the sex, which is more than implied as it seems they both just got out of bed and moved to the window. I think some people would find this whole ep an easy conclusion given the build-up last week, but seriously, what do you expect with only two episodes to work with? I guess I’d better hold on to random Ai-chan cameos of her life as it is without Junichi, I’ve noticed they’re putting in loads of Haruka and Hibiki ones for some reason.

Oh god I’m pretty sure I’m feeling this mini-depression thing now. CURSE YOU, OMNIBUS FORMAT. I HATE YOU. SO VERY MUCH. BRB CRYING FOREVER sobsob


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