Andy decides to have the class to rearrange their seatings so that they aren’t perfectly divide in the classroom. After failing to draw a seating directly beside a girl, he ends up seated beside the frog cat doll and decides to make a Ghost Story out of it… only turns out, the doll is not a ghost, and the girl is very much still alive.

LOL, that was awkward.
That merge with Aquarion and all… kind of made me laugh out of embarrassment. First of all, I found it kind of disturbing considering Yunoha’s looked more like a small child.  And second, I couldn’t help but laugh when the boys were all like, “I CAN SEE HER!”.
However, that awkward business aside, Aquarion in Stealth Mode is AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of anything that can stealth because it’s badass- even more so when it can dodge crazy lasers! Of course that doesn’t make it invincible, but it’s certainly way more fun!
Oh man, so that cat plush (that looks like a frog) to me is actually the only sign of a student who basically ends up invisible and transparent because she’s so shy. It was hilarious of Amata to misunderstand the situation, but hey, look at it this way: at least she’d be accepted if she were dead, which is sweet don’t you think?
I actually thought this episode would be about Zessica until the ‘Ghost Story’ overshadowed her. But despite that we were able to see a new side of her, where as she can’t stand walking alone in the dark after hearing ghost stories. It frightens her to no end. However next week, it’s clear that the episode will focus more on her so I’ll be looking forward to that.
Overall decent but slightly awkward episode, in the end we really didn’t get much development. I’m assuming that maybe in two episodes Kagura will be back to elope capture Mikono as I suspect (as indicated) Zessica’s episode is next week, and I’m assuming the following may revolve around MIX.
Oh yeah and on the extra note:


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