Andy discovered a book while digging to get into the Girls’ Locker-room and thought he found the Book of Twin Stars… only tuned out to be an ancient studenthand book. Later during a mission, Mikono, Arata and Zessica find themselves stripping in order to spike up their senses in order to defeat the enemy.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever laughed so hard or at all about the explicit fanservice.
The whole scenario and everything was so silly that it just ended up being hilarious.
The whole ripping pieces of their suit off was shockingly amusing to watch, probably was because everyone was getting flustered about it and more stunned that they were actually doing so in the first place.
We learned that in Altair there’s no women that exists in their world and that Jin is the last child that was born. Izumo mentioned how there is a mysterious disease that is responsible for it, but they still yet to understand why and how it’s happening in the first place, and find a way to counter it. So because of that, if Kagura were to bring Mikono to their world, she would be at risk dying- which is exactly what Cayenne saw in his vision.
Mykage’s actions in forcing Kagura to watch ‘his woman’ aka, Mikono being ‘violated’ by Jin’s attacks made me think about what happened to Donar and his lover. It feels like that Mykage is a sadist and is not only fascinated but also entertained with messing with people’s emotions and affection.
It was even more interesting to see Kagura properly express his worries and horror of seeing Mikono attacked by Jin and kept on begging… (well maybe not begging) to both Jin and probably Mykage as well to leave her alone and not touch her. Mykage wanted Kagura to be fuelled with jealousy, so I can’t help but grow more concerned about how he’s going to behave when he gets his opportunity to encounter Mikono once more. He will either be gentle and treat her affectionately or err, end up a bit berserk.
Ah that reminds me: if Kagura knew that Bianca was distributing pictures of Mikono in that battle, he’d  probably be after her head. She should consider herself lucky that he isn’t aware (yet- or more so unlikely to ever know) of her sales.
Overall this was a great episode, a bit over the top with the whole ‘STRIP YOUR DEFENSE!’ strategy. I had a difficult time stiffling my laughter (as I didn’t want to wake anyone up). I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode and hope to see more of Andy! I feel bad for him that the book didn’t turn out as what he had originally thought it would be.


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  1. Chris

    Oh my god, glad i wasn’t the only one who burst out laughing when I saw this. This was one of those fan service moments that you could actually enjoy and laugh at because they weren’t taking it sexually but more comedically. Honestly…I’m kinda hoping that sometime along the road they do it again just because it was the freakiest thing I could have imagined a person do during a fight. Though it was also good when that white haired girl (forgot name) told them “maybe you all should just keep your clothes on for the future”. But one other thing that got me laughing was their final attack. I mean the dude gave him a punch while zessica did this weird slapping thing. But Mikono (if anyone noticed) did this weird peace-sign eye poke punch. Overall a VERY interesting ep, I’m so happy to see Andy in some action! (this is like the only show where I actually express any emotion or anticipation towards its characters) so that’s something ^_^

    1. Eva

      *Highfives* I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one either! XD
      Their final attack was TOTAL WIN!!! I couldn’t breathe at that point, I was really having a hard time keeping quiet! XD That’s the only issue with watching this at like 1am! XD

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