Area no Kishi Ep 8: Merging Teams

The match between the FC and SC end with a draw, however instead of Overtime or organizing a rematch, the two coaches decide to merge the team and have Iwaki as the head coach and coach Kondo as the advisor.

This episode caught me by surprise when Seven was scouted to join Nadeshiko Japan and I was like, “NO! WHY DID YOU REFUSE?!” Thankfully by the end of the episode she decided to accept after Kakeru had encouraged her to continue playing so that he can see her on the field.
SO *SQUEA*  WE’RE GOING TO SEE SEVEN PLAY NEXT WEEK! AKSHDKASHDKJASHD!!!*JUMPS AROUND IN CIRCLES* OMG I’M SO EXCITED! I’d love to see how she was titled, “Little Witch”, but I wonder how well she’ll be able to play after ont playing fierce competition besides one-on-one with Kakeru.
So this guy has no idea how to diet. =_= *SLAPS HIM* God Araki! I can’t believe he ended up fat again! It’s quite frustrating and I don’t blame the team for being pissed off about it. They are relying on him, so he ought to work out despite not having alot of energy and burrying himself in a mountain of unhealthy snacks. And jeez, need Stamina? There’s alternatives choices besides junkfood!!!
I was really surprised that Iwaki went up to the SC coach claiming that he wants him to take in his valuable players. Thankfully Kondo suggested that they merge teams, which is what they should’ve done in the first place, and had appointed Iwaki to be the coach of the team while he is the advisor.
However Iwaki has a flaw in his coaching style: as Seven pointed out, he’s way too soft. He shouldn’t cut any slack for players like Araki who goes off, not attending practice and then comes not in proper shape to play! If he wants to make it as far as the World Cup, he needs kick it up a notch when it comes down to disciplining the players without goes over the top like Kondo had.
Overall great episode, I’m definitely happy to see a bit more focus on Seven and her rather mysterious soccer history. I do wonder why she flinches when she is called ‘little witch’. Clearly this is her nickname for the type of player she is on the field. I imagine that her last or whole experience being entitled that was not exactly pleasant…

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