Bakuman II Episode 19: Serialization

Surprise! It turns out that Miyoshi’s father was good friends with Kawaguchi Taro, Mashiro’s uncle?! Seems like this world isn’t so big after all.

As Takagi goes to meet his parents-in-law, he learns of this fact, and all of a sudden the whole meeting turns into a… karate match… in order for Myoshi’s dad to test out Takagi’s and Mashiro’s determination as… mangakas? did I just hear that right? Because it doesn’t seem to make sense in my head.

And that doesn't quite look like a dojo...

sob No more karate match apparently. Miyoshi’s dad just wanted to get away from his family to talk about dirty stuff his relationship full of yaoi with Kawaguchi Taro I’m obviously kidding. Alright, so in order to make this world seem even smaller, it turns out that Miyoshi’s dad also had a crush on Azuki’s mom just like Taro did So that means that Miyoshi and Azuki could have possible been sisters… Think about it. By the end of this conversation, Takagi has been granted permission to marry Miyoshi, and he leaves with Mashiro, being the happiest camper out there.
It is now time for the New Year’s party! Which lasts about 30 seconds, enough time for us to see Ashirogi Muto become fully determined not to lose against Iwase’s manga. After this, Tanto and +Natural go on sale, and +Natural literally owns Ashirogi’s manga by a mile. Heck, even Niizuma’s Crow turns out better than their first chapter, which is a very bad start.
Later on, Iwase pays a visit to Takagi and Miyoshi, who just happened to have moved to their new home together, and her ego blows a casket as she hears Takagi admitting that he lost oh, why you so arrogant. We also learn from her that she likes Hattori …Uhhh… Japan… Can’t you remember age difference? Please? ‘Cause it’s kinda creeping me out... The episode ends as week 7 has passed for both serializations, and Tanto has fallen way behind compared to Eiji’s both mangas. dramatic music Who knows what will happen now..? Get back to story mangas. Nao.
Woaaah, this episode started with a serious mindfuck!
Honestly, for everyone to be so closely related, it blows my mind. I’m getting confused as to who’s related to who… O_o.
Random fact: Younger Kawaguchi Taro looks pretty handsome 🙂

On a side note, Miyoshi and Takagi are now married! They will have the ceremony next episode, however right now they are only registered and have just bought their own appartment. Iwase’s visit was quite unexpected, I didn’t think she was going to do something bold like that. I was also very surprised by her sudden confession about Hattori, I mean… He’s like… 40? That’s just downright weird. Ah well, everyone has different tastes… XD I guess.
But anyways, let’s move on. This episode once again confused me completely as to how the plot will turn out. Will Tanto be cancelled already? Honestly, everything points towards this conclusion, since it will never be better than +Natural, and since Ashirogi will only be able to beat it with a story manga and not stupid gagshit for kids.
Talk about a hyperactive guy... o.o

It seems kinda unnatural though for it to end so soon, considering it was serialized for only one episode so far… In the end, the plot leaves me confused and clueless, as seems to be the specialty of Bakuman. I swear, I’m always so confused as to what will happen…

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