Yuuta accompanies the girls back to the old Takanashi house, where they look for important things they want to bring back to Yuuta’s apartment, and end up staying the night all in one room, despite the size of the entire house.


We can attribute this entire visit to their old house as a indirect effect of Hina not having a Shampoo Hat™ or, at least, the need for everyone to go back and fetch something that they’ve forgotten. I cracked up at how random strangers and everyone on the street seemed to know who Hina was, and gave her stuff (which is a good thing for Yuuta’s wallet as well as Hina). Even the neighbour seiyuu lady whose name I have temporarily forgotten entertained her with her Lunaluna pose. I understand them though, since you definitely can’t resist that face for very long.

It seems Sako-senpai can’t either. Yeah, “another angel has descended”. Who just happens to be 3 years old -_- And here I thought that lolicon-ism had some sort of limit…but again, this guy is totally different, and drew Hina pretty well just like he did with Miu. I actually feel sorry for Yuuta now that Sako will be turning up in the very near future. Slap him, Sora! Slap him! From the preview, Raika turns up as well, which brings the first real clash between both of Yuuta’s lives! Her tits are huge, by the way. Like, Manyuu Hikenchou size. Back off, you can have fullscreens next week of her in the bath.

I was afraid there’d be some kind of confrontation when they all went back, but thankfully the only people they met were Sora and Miu’s old friends, who apparently don’t have a clue about what happened to them. I can imagine Sora being in the choir though: D-don’t get me wrong, i-it’s not like I’m singing for you, you know? I do wonder what the symbolism is by having their family portrait flipped down, other than the surface interpretation that there’s nothing left of that family anymore, which I don’t really prefer to see in something light-hearted like this.

I love how there’s absolutely no difference whether Yuuta and the girls stay in a huge house or a tiny apartment flat, they all end up in the same room next to each other (and for Sora in the morning, much closer, although she’ll never admit she likes it). Despite not too much happening every week, I find no problems with sitting through each episode, if only to watch more of the heartwarming family life that Yuuta is gradually getting himself used to.