Black★Rock Shooter Episode 2 – Yanderes, everywhere


And this is how I show love.

Kuroi invites Takanashi to a festival, but Takanashi is still too tied up in Kagari to show up. Even so, Takanashi struggles to break free of the control that Kagari has over her. The reason that Kagari has control- Takanashi’s guilt over a childhood accident.


This was a darker episode, which was different from the last one, but it was enjoyable. The use of colour to illustrate a difference in emotion was a definite draw; and the animation quality continues to be jaw-droppingly crisp. The difference between the Other world and reality was differentiated by the textures and colour choices, but the most significant part was the use of dramatic shadows everywhere.

Takanashi is shown to be just a bit of a push-over…did I mention her mother is a push-over as well? Kagari is pitied by both of them, and it’s a vicious cycle that is enforced by each other. Kagari bullies Takanashi, Takanashi lets her, Takanashi’s mom pretends to see nothing. But even that gets a bit boring, since there’s so much hinging on Kagari’s yandere antics.

The most dramatic part was when Kagari threw herself off the stairs, and I was really surprised that it was so powerful. Mostly how far Kagari would go to hurt Takanashi, even so far as hurt herself in the process. Kagari can stand, but is she really as weak as she seems? Or is she just asking for sympathy, just from being in the wheelchair and pretending to be weak? I just love the dramatic tension that it generates, and never-ending angst. I love well-deserved angst in a show. :3

The Other selves operate as the reflection, the dream of the real world. The trials the real characters (Kuroi as Black Rock Shooter, Takanashi as Deadmaster, Kagari as Chariot) go through are shown in the animated metaphor of stylized characters fighting it out. And how they fight? THEY SHOOT MACAROONS AT EACH OTHER, ROLOLOL. It’s not hard to see that the reasoning for the fighting to even be bothered to be included is solely that it was all a dream. Cue Je ne regrette rien~ (Sorry, couldn’t resist the Inception reference XD). Black Gold Saw seems to have the power to stop time, which will become handy for fighting in the future.

Did I mention Kuroi has a little brother? Heehee. o u o

I think I pretty much stopped caring about the Other world. There’s just so much tension in the “real” world that you just want to fast forward the fighting to get to the meat of the story, find out more of the back story. I really, really, really like how much darker it got. Yandere girls seem to be in lately, but can only mean good things for stories, in my opinion. Until next time! I want to see more Black Gold Saw. XD

What? Have to wait another week? FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

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