I don’t feel like we actually learned much this episode. Everyone still likes Tsukishima, maybe Ichigo now realize to which extend they do, but for the viewers this is nothing new or unexpected. The only thing that was fun to watch this episode was Ichigo’s Fullbring in action, but even that, we were not able to witness any significant battle just yet, things are just starting to heat up. But I somehow doubt that any major battle will occur now, since there is no way Ichigo can go all out while fighting right over his sisters and friends head. He cannot destroy the whole manor down, he needs to be at least a little careful about managing his destructive power. Even worse, now he’ll have to fight against Chad and Inoue too, Ichigo might very well be able to win against the trio of Chad, Inoue and Tsukishima, but since he would never mortally wound Chad and Inoue, he is in a tight spot.


Go apologize Ichigo, it is such a simple act that solves so many problems !

I’m afraid I’m overall not too impressed with the episode, I just feel like we were shown the same boring and repetitive information we already gathered in the last few episodes. I wish something more would have happened, at the very least now everything is set up for some major action in the next episode. I really hope that action will be the key word for that future episode, because I feel like this arc feels quite unaccomplished as of now. Ichigo might have regained some kind of power, but he is still way weaker than he used to be, this makes the action a little less impressive and intense compared to what we are used to. Tsukishima fighting ability really look weak now that Ichigo have some actual power, even if it is but a microscopic power compared to what he used to have. Since Ginjo and Tsukishima were fighting on nearly equal ground, Tsukishima having maybe a slight advantage, in a previous episode, it means that Ichigo is the strongest of everyone in that room by far. Ichigo easily defeated Jakie a long time ago even if his power at the time was but a fraction of what it is now and Jackie was in a perfect environment to use her power to its full extend, yet Ichigo completely destroyed her back then, it just goes to show how weak the Xcution guys are compared to the terrible enemies Ichigo used to face.



Ichigo is in a really bad mood today

Tsukishima power makes it so that the following episode might very well be extremely boring if someone else don’t jump in the action, someone like Ichigo’s dad and Kisuke. I guess we’ll see soon enough what those two have in mind for Ichigo.I’m still wondering if they will help him and go against him. While Ichigo has become strong enough to fight every member of Xcution at once, he is no match for Kisuke or his father right now. Things might become interesting.


They have a tank, a healer and a dps, they are all set

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  1. TheTruth

    That guy is truly a coward. using his friends and family against him. He know ichigo could beat him in a second especially if he had his original powers. I can wait until Ichigo kills him. it would make my day XD

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