I fucking LOVE Kenpachi ! He took out Giriko so easily it was hilarious. And I am so glad he took him out that fast, Giriko transformed into Hulk? What the hell was that shit, I didn’t want to see him fight that way, so a quick and humiliating death was really the best option for him and it made Kenpachi look so cool and bad ass, it was really priceless.


Xcution has Evolved !

In other news, I feel like Ichigo could have won even if he had to fight against all of them at once, even when using the back of his sword without bankai, Xcution barely avoided Ichigo’s attack. I feel that if Kurosaki decides to uses his Bankai he will rip to shred every single one of them. I don’t know if his hollow power have come back at the same time his shinigami power came back, but that would make him so terrifyingly powerful. If Ichigo is able to obtain his Fullbring power, his shinigami power and his hollow power, I feel like nothing will be able to stop him for a little while. At the very least, he will be able to clear the skies from the clouds on bad days, he will never have to carry an umbrella anymore.


The Lich King really is far away from his frozen throne

As I was suspecting, it seems like Riruka still has feelings for Ichigo, I really doubted that her feeling was part of her act. I’m sure that if she had to fight Ichigo she would have laid down her weapon (so to speak), but now she’ll have to face one of Ichigo’s mistress, so she will most likely find the inner jealousy necessary to fight with her full power. I highly doubt that anyone really stands a chance in Xcution. The weakest fighter on Ichigo’s side are Rukia, Ikkaku and Toshiro, but Toshiro is most likely way more powerful than before, maybe Ikkaku is now willing to show and uses his bankai and Rukia is fighting the weakest of Xcution, so everyone should be just fine.


Sorry Incredible Hulk, you are in the wrong show, time to die

We have also finally know who Ginjo actually is, the first Substitute Shinigami that went rogue. It is kind of cliché, but at the same time, he didn’t seem that strong to begin with and the only reason he was able to withstand Ichigo’s attack was because of Ichigo Fullbring. I’m quite sure that the Soul Society could have handled him just fine without Ichigo’s power, but of course now it will be even more easy for them. Now that Chad, Inoue and Ichigo’s friend and family are out-of-the-way, Ichigo can fight to his heart content. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he still was unable to do so, after all, last time we saw him fight to his full potential he destroyed mountains with a single swing of his sword, it might be a good idea for him to hold back a little if he doesn’t want to destroy the whole city.



I'll go gay for this guy...any time

Bleach has become so much better to me now that I know there won’t be a horrible and disgusting filler arc after this one and that instead the show will go in hiatus the time the manga catch up. It is such a brilliant idea, the main show is incredible, the only thing that ruined it was the fillers, now I will once again be proud when I say I’m watching Bleach, instead of feeling ashamed right now.


ZeroG signing off