Andy continuously grows frustrated by the fact someone keeps on filling up his holes. Then, one night while he and Amata were digging, they were suddenly forced to the surface as the hole suddenly fills up, and reveals that it was MIX who was the one responsible.

Yes, Andy and MIX were meant to me. Their elements are opposites and they inevitably attract each other. They are also the first err…I suppose union to actually to uh become one I guess during that stage. Felt like Gundam Seed soul visuals all over again.
MIX has a hole in her heart and she’s been desperately trying to fill it, but she’s been stuck in a pit
Andy helps her out by filling it and- LMAO his reaction of making a union with her was priceless. I mean look at this face. Clearly he’s pleased.
It was nice to finally discover Mikono’s Element Power. I’m not surprised that it’s involved with bonding and uniting people together. I was starting to suspect so as she has been continuously thrown into the teams. Anyhow, I’m happy that we finally have a confirmation about her Element Power and now she doesn’t have to be so doubtful about her place at the Academy.
Mykage is really messed up. Izumo isn’t pleased with his actions, nor does he agree with them. I think it’s the worse case scenario for Mykage to have awaken in the first place because all he’s doing is making people’s lives miserable. He obviously likes to troll with people’s affections or devotion to another as he manipulates people’s minds!
Also, according to Izumo, it appears that Mykage wants the True Eve all to himself. Well there you go, a selfish bastard who wants her all to himself and is more than willing to destroy any obstacles. Geez, someone get rid of him already by exorcising him or something. >_>;
Another interesting point that was made this episode was Zessica’s involvement.
It looks like she may be the most powerful Reaigler they are looking for
I’m so happy that Jin is alive and well! I was a worried about him after his mobile suit exploded.
It looks like Jin will be joining the academy in order to go undercover. I think this will definitely be an interesting episode and we may be able to learn a bit more about this character!
Overall this was such a cute and funny episode. I really love the chemistry going between Andy and Mix and I have to say, Andy in this episode proven to have quite a bit of consideration for others and knows when to get serious when he needs to be.


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