Brave 10 Episode 6 – Obligatory Onsen Episode with Naked Bishies

The Sanada Braves-to-be take a break from rescuing Isanami, and head to the onsen!

Summarized in the above photo…but follow the cut for a shocking backstory! DO NOT WANT.

Yukimura sneaks off to relax at an onsen, so the gang decides to find him. This leads to a trip through town, where they encounter a hungry monk who kicks their collective asses. It turns out Miyoshi Seikai is from the same shrine Isanami was originally from; in fact he claims to be her brother because he was the one that picked her up from the gate where she was abandoned as a child.


I really like that is episode changed things up around a bit. There was the usual fighting and displays of manliness, but at the same time there, there was some development in the back story…and is that a second romance I see? Is that a love rival!?! Whoo~

OK, so the gang heads out to town, and it seems that they all have social problems, and don’t fit in at all- goes to show that strength isn’t the key aspect in winning battles around here. Kakei accidentally picks a fight with the wrong person in a restaurant, and gets himself thrown through a wall. And the person that chucks him through the wall doesn’t blame himself for the damage, instead, he points out that the wall clearly was not built up to specifications, so it was the wall’s fault for not holding up.

Goes to show what kind of person he is.

The rest of the team rushes in to defend Kakei, and even together, they can’t take him down. When all hope is gone, you call on …Isanami! She steps in a defuses the situation, and find out that the man is actually her brother. The biggest hook of the situation? The way that Saizou whispered in Isanami’s ear. squirms like an excited fangirl ^w^

Other than that, it was the usual lechery as the guys all dressed down at the onsen to relax for a bit. The biggest (non)question is why Kamazuke insists on bathing in the river. I’m pretty sure what his gender is, and despite that the guys keep making fun of him for being a girl, I think there might be more to the story than that. After all, Kamazuke lives to be hurt…but he’s pretty sensitive, in a way. Maybe he can handle being physically hurt, but not emotionally. Saizou finds him with a semi-cold after his dip in the river, and gives a few words of advice to him.

And Kamazuke accepts him! Kamazuke’s a total tsundere personality, and I really like him the best out of everyone in the episode, being the most unpredictable and sensitive. I would totally watch this show to see if Isanami and Kamazuke ever fight it over Saizou (not that I have a couple I ship in this show…maybe SasukexAnastasia, but that’s so not going to happen).

They’re probably heading back to the battlefield after this, but that was a fun episode. ^_^ It’s got the usual jokes, and I didn’t split a side laughing, but it was good. I’m not going to bother with speculating on what the battleplan is going to be, that’s just a giant mess I don’t want to look into at the moment.



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