Chihayafuru Ep 18: Understanding the Flaw in Speed

Chihaya and her team goes out to take part of a tournament for each of their levels in hopes to advance their ranks. For Chihaya, this is her first time in Class A match and finds herself struggling to defeat her opponent. As the match progresses, Chihaya finally realizes something that she should’ve noticed from the start.


LMAO! It was so funny to see everyone getting pissed off about having five dead cards in a row!
So Chihaya loses her first Class A match against a mother who has been playing Karuta for 35 years and learns alot off her. Chihaya finally slips into her completive suit and tries to pick up techniques other players use while playing.
Chihaya has yet to shape up her own unique style of Karuta. By observing her rivals’ techniques and learn to take in small details that not everyone notices wil help her strengthen her weaknesses. However, I am concerned that she might end up in a corner again of trying to adapt to another player’s Karuta’s style, much like what she ended up doing after having gone against Shinobu.
The main factor of this episode was definitely Chihaya coming to understand that she needs to observe the field more than gamble and use her speed to her ‘advantage’ – which usually leads her to faults for her mistakes.
I’m crossing my fingers that next week we’ll see Taichi and Nishda’s fierce battle for victory. It’s actually probably better for Chihaya to focus more on Kanade’s and Tsutomu’s match since both of their styles are the opposite of how she plays her game.
I honestly don’t know who to cheer on for Kanade’s and Tsutomu’s match. As for Taichi’s and Nishida’s, obviously I’m cheering for Taichi since he’s working his ass off for it and really wants it so that he isn’t left out from the battle invitation from Arata. But I can’t help but also want to root for Nishida as well.
OH MAN!!!! 


Overall good episode, but I won’t lie that I felt the episode lacked attention in a sense it was something I didn’t mind pausing every now and then to do something else, and while watching it I was easily distracted by small things around me. The beginning of the episode was weak and did not leave an impact on me whatsoever. It is definitely worrisome since usually it starts off strong, I just hope that it won’t go downhill from here. ;A;


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