Recorder to Randoseru episode 6: Chocolate is not that good for the heart

It is Valentine’s day ! Time to find a loved one and share the love !


ZeroG Impresion

This episode already celebrates Valentines day, it is true that there is only 6 days left, but I was not expecting a show about some kids to celebrate this event. They are still prepubescent children, I don’t recall celebrating this holiday when I was still that young (to be honest I don’t recall ever celebrating this holiday, but that is a whole other issue). Still, I guess Atsushi doesn’t have anything to complain about, He received enough chocolate to die from diabetes in less than a week, It is a good thing that this guy is so tall, otherwise that concentration of sugar would have most likely killed him.


Bros before Hoes

I really liked Atsushi’s friend, they were such a great team, I understand the cruelty of being a lonely guy at that time of the year and I understand perfectly their action and I support them. Don’t worry guys, life is hard sometimes, but at one point things will get better…or worse depending on how lucky you are.


I find it kind of surprising that Atsushi received all those chocolates from so many girls, not that I’m surprised that Atsushi is liked by so many girls, but because usually the guy are the one giving the flower and chocolate to the girls and the girls offer their bodies in return, ok, maybe not when they are 10 years old, but they might give kisses at that age? I have no idea.
MYST INVADES Due to my reading and watching of way too many romances, I learned that on Valentine’s day, girls give chocolates, and on White day (which happens to be a month later, on March 14th), it is time for the guys who received chocolate to give some back in return. MYST LEAVES


Anyway this episode reminded me that it is a good thing that I don’t try to make chocolate candy, otherwise my girlfriend would have a severe case of food poisoning. Quite the important moral to this story.


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

I want cake D:

But anyways. Atsushi has such great friends! Not. I think Atsumi’s friend is a much more reliable person! Never. So basically, these two are surrounded by terrible people. End of episode.

So delicious, it makes me barf of happiness.

Honestly, it must have been a pretty bad Valentine’s day for both of them. Not only does Atsushi get tons of chocolate that he can’t even eat, Atsumi has to be the one babysitting him around and also making chocolates for other people to give them because Sayo chan is A FAILURE.

Overall, this episode was really funny, and the whole of it was pretty enjoyable for a 2 minute thing. I enjoyed seeing other people other than Atsushi producing good humour for once, and I think Atsumi is on her way to redeemance towards being amusing never as much as her fellow brother though.

P.S.: Now I’m hungry…



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