High School DxD episode 5: Evil Ex

This show is not just about boobs anymore.



This episode was not as ecchi heavy as some prior episodes, but it was still impressive to say the least. The show does a good job in fulfilling the role of a supernatural action story, even if the story is a little on the cheesy side. Of course everyone has seen this story a thousand times before, the hero happens to have a hidden power allowing him to be the strongest man alive, he falls in love with some cute random girl and he is willing to sacrifice his life to save this little princess.


Now I know that this is all really common and boring, but because of the setting of the show, I cannot help but love it. My sadistic side loves to see an innocent sister being turned into a demon. That poor little girl Asia, whose only wish is to make friends, is now a demon and she will lives her life of darkness, violence and lust. I really wish we will be able to witness the new world she entered corrupt her a little more every episodes. She cannot stay innocent forever after all. Because isn’t the real beauty of innocence to see it disappear in the end?


Asia is now part of the family, so she will have to compete with Rias Breasts to gain Issei’s attention. I hope she is determined, because that won’t be an easy challenge. While Issei might look like he has good intention to save Asia because he loves her, in truth, I believe that a harem scenario would be something he would much prefer. Haaa youth, when touching as many breasts as possible is a more fun activity than finding someone you actually like. Not that I blame Issei though, If I was in his situation I couldn’t help it but to want to touch all the breasts around me. The best part for him, is that since they are all demons, they most likely wouldn’t even mind. When you live only for fun and greed, your innocence is part of a very distant past.


My favourite moment by far this episode was when Issei prayed to the demon king to have the power “to hit that bitch just once”. It was so well timed I couldn’t help but laugh and love Issei even more. It is never easy to see your exes again, but in his case, his ex was especially evil. She really deserved that punch after the thing she did at the end of their first and last date.



I still have high hopes for this show, it did not fail to amuse me and entertain me as of yet and I don’t think this will change anytime soon. Finally an ecchi that I can enjoy with more than one head.


ZeroG signing off

4 thoughts on “High School DxD episode 5: Evil Ex

  1. ep.5 well oh boy i guess yep indeed ding dong the ex is blown-up to feather!!!

    indeed payback did came true yet issei finally beat the ex even he got both legs got speared still powerful to checkmate the ex.

    yea the ex trying pull a begging there an old saying fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you yep indeed issei won’t get fooled again so he let rias blow-up the ex to feathers.

    indeed yep sweep the broom on the feathers for the na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.

    also nun live again but now one of the devil aka the bishop.

    oh issei so powerful he worth all pawns combine yep it all hurray yet also cake to have.

    but wait we got bigger fish to fry coming up indeed someone is watching them.

    1. And that demon watching them at the end sure knows how to live. he has a full harem around him and they are all gorgeous

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