Area no Kishi Ep 5: Welcome to the FC!

Kakeru and Seven are now High School students. They immediately go out to find a soccer club to join in hopes to find and play with a player Suguru had mentioned in his diary named Ryuuchi. The two of them are dragged back to a remote area where they answer a question and if answered correctly, they automatically make the team. However, Kakeru learns that he didn’t actually join the ‘official’ Soccer Club, but instead Soccer for Fun Club. Panicing about how he wouldn’t be able to compete and get into the higher stages such as the nationals he requests to resign the club. However the coach questions his dream and remarks that it’s small in comparison to theirs- which is to reach the World Cup.

Today’s episode was enjoyable, however it wasn’t my favourite. I think as soon the practices and matches kick in, it will be more fun to watch. I find it pretty stupid of  Ryuuichi to quit soccer just because he misunderstood Suguru. I mean seriously, that’s disappointing result from someone who’s passionate about the sport. I’m glad they didn’t go through the whole process of ‘clearing’ the misunderstanding between Ryuuichi and Suguru. It was definitely more important for Kakeru to focus conveying his genuine feelings of wanting to work together and create a badass passing route with Ryuuichi. Unless all that fat we’re seeing is fake- (something in which I wouldn’t be surprised about since after all- the guy is in a Comedy club so he ought to have some props and he obviously works out because he’s naturally athletic), I wouldn’t be surprised how fast he gets back onto the field. However I doubt his body fat (if real) would stop him from jumping in anyways since he is still incredibly agile as he is now!!!
The difference between the FC and SC are pretty significant. The FC can and has been easily misunderstood as a laid back club who don’t have big dreams in comparison to the ‘official’ SC who undergo a series of try outs and are extremely picky about who makes the team. A pretty skilled player named Kaoru who had tried out failed just because he didn’t do the right pass and decided to try again this time with the FC group.
Kakeru’s friend Kouta  barely made the SD team, but I have a feeling he might just be benched for the entire match, which I would imagine result him to join FC because he wants to play soccer no matter what.
The FC itself is a very interesting club. Rather than finding a clear open field to practice since they can’t use the school’s, they do beach soccer. Sure enough it’s far more difficult, but it certainly helps teach them to make stronger passes and keep them under control as well maintain their balance since the ground isn’t solid.
Overall decent episode, I’m looking forward to match and seeing Kakeru and Kaoru play. I was quite happy to hear from Kakeru to suggest Seven to join a girl’s soccer club if available.


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