Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 5: Assassination + Durandal

The defence minister has been assassinated and Genjurou has received orders to relocate Durandal under the parliament. Hibiki goes on duty to make sure they manage to relocate it safely without it being stolen. They end up going into combat after being pursued by Chris (the girl in the Nehushtan armour). Hibiki manages to stand her ground, but desperately wishes that her armor would pop out- and that’s when Durandal reacts and the two girls reach for it, but Hibiki manages to obtain it first. As result to the contact with it, Hibiki switches into Berserk-Mode and rashly destroys the plant and everything, forcing Chris to retreat once again.


Holy shit, assassination that was totally unexpected and startled me! I freaked out when it happened.
I’m TOTALLY suspicious of Ryoko. I don’t trust her one bit. There’s something shady about her- the way she looks at Hibiki, and then seeing her bring in the box she was supposedly entrusted with, which has blood on it makes me certain that she’s involved one way or another. Heck she could be that neutral character who wants to witness both parties and be involved in the Relics at all costs which makes her insane.

Then there’s that woman with Chris who is clearly is not just a sadist but a horrifying Yandere (CHRIS HOW COULD YOU BE OKAY WITH THAT?!?! ;A;). She probably sexually abuses Chris as well.
Speaking of the woman, when she was speaking in Engrish…. oh my god- if there weren’t for the subtitles I wouldn’t have had a clue what on earth she was saying. The man who was speaking in English through the telephone line was a bit more clear, but the BGM really interfered with the conversation and make it difficult to hear
… Actually now that I look at the two screencaps, there’s no way it could be a coincidence that these two women share the same  hairstyle, and just different colours. Perhaps they are siblings, the same person or something. They both share messing with little girls. O____o;;;; It’s really creepy. I’m starting to freak out a bit.
The poor girl, Chris is in a critical situation as she once again failed successfully capture Hibiki, more so now because the newbie knows how to fight and managed to get her hands on Durandal, which made her far more powerful.
In a sense, I would find it unfair if Hibiki is able to continue using Durandal and be far more powerful than Tsubasa because, Tsubasa has been training for this all her life, and Hibiki only just recently joined the crew and learning how to control her powers. We don’t know why Hibiki goes into Berserk-Mode at times, and how Durandal actually triggered it this time since she wasn’t pissed off or anything.
Overall definitely an action-packed episode. There’s a lot of suspicious activity and mystery behind the whole organization at the moment. The only ones who I actually trust besides Tsubasa and Hibiki is Genjurou. That’s right I don’t trust Shinji either.


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