Inu x Boku SS Ep 4 & 5

Episode 4: The Challenge that wasn’t really a Challenge

This was funny, but felt like an unproductive episode. The only development was introducing the employees and residents, on top of that learn a bit from Zange, who knows everything from the past to the future. It was really cute Was it just me (as it might’ve been result of my headache) that anyone felt like their ears were in pain from the high pinch voice of Zange’s? His personality reminds me of Grell from Kuroshitsuji. The trio, Soushi, Zange and Banri were all childhood friends, and so they know Soushi better than anyone. There’s clearly a dark secret that Soushi is trying to hide.

Ririchiyo is really starting to develop feelings towards Soushi. She doesn’t understand why she feels the way she does and is pretty flustered about it. It’s pretty cute and it’s even more adorable when Soushi senses there’s something wrong but obviously she can’t tell him because it’s him to causing it in the first place.
Overall it wasn’t bad as it was enjoyable, but it sense it felt as if it was a wasted opportunity to kick things into motion. This week’s ED was absolutely hilarious. I liked how Banri was commenting at everything, it really made it something worth to watch rather than skim past it.


Episode 5: The World of S&M


….Or so I thought until this guy showed up.

Introducing Ririchiyo’s fiancé, Soushi’s previous master: Shoukiin Kagerou
He is a sadist, his world revolves around S&M, he calls the gang his Sex Toys – yes, in short this guy is one hell of a unique one. His laugh is seriously amusing, it cracked me up- precisely one of the reasons it no  longer boring for me. The pace was soooooo slow, that it making me tired just watching (it’s probably only me because I’m sick).
It sure feels obvious that it’s probably Soushi who was the one who wrote the letters. The type of characters Kagerou is, I highly doubt he’d actually bother doing it. Not only that, but if would explain SO MUCH of how Soushi knows Ririchiyo so well and her true feelings behind that terrible habit of hers.
Bleh, I’m getting pretty concerned about the pacing right now. It’s terribly dull during the first half of the episode, yes- OCCASIONALLY it’s funny, but I want it to be more lively! Give me plot please! Hopefully the next episode will be more fun since Ririchiyo will be going into her true form with Banri. I really want to see them being targeted by their enemies, that’ll definitely spice things up.

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  1. Because you made me wait another week for the Inu x Boku post, it makes you an “S.” Kage is frickin’ awesome, yo. *debazzled*

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