Mouretsu Pirates Episode 5: These girls are geniuses

No, really.

Super spirit bomb: Marika style.

Marika and the others prepare for the upcoming battle! Meanwhile, we got Kane and Misa being lazy asses observing from afar, there to spring at any moment if something goes wrong. The battle starts with an electronic warfare as predicted, and everyone follows the plan as is supposed to go on Their evil scheme basically being “Let’s all look like we’re idiots and don’t know what’s going on!! :D”.
When the dummy of the ship’s systems falls, the crew gets ready for a counterattack and the girls fire out their own electronic warfare, however the Lightning 11 shuts down their computers and instead shoots them with a beam cannon which they couldn’t have done before… Nahh… Too easy. Marika’s answer is to kill off their eyes with magical powers the power of sunlight, which immobilizes the enemy and leaves them to become a prey for the Bentenmaru and the Barbalusa whuuu? to attack you guys got OWNED by a bunch of high school girls 😀. In the end, it turns out that Chiaki is the captain of this second pirate ship that has appeared, and the episode finishes as Marika tells her mom that she will indeed “become a space pirate!”.
OMG THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! fangirls
Alright, enough with the screaming. I seriously loved this week’s episode and its action.
First off, I have to admit that the yacht club is comprised of absolute geniuses. These girls definitely have brains, and although they don’t quite have the experience yet, their raw talent definitely shines. They’re really smart for their age! Marika especially stood out once again this week, and her plan to “make a weapon even though we don’t have any” was really cool. I was flabberghasted by the intelligence that she showed :3
The fact that she is now captain of the Bentenmaru will also finally get the show going! The pace so far is really good, and I’m glad they didn’t wait more for Marika to take her decision. Instead of getting her to think for a while, they replaced it by her own experiences and how she would feel if she was an actual captain, and that was enough
I love you even more now ^.^

to prove to us that she made the right decision.
Now, turning to Chiaki, it now seems like she is Marika’s… rival I guess? Since she is the captain of the ship Barbalusa, does that mean that they are allies or enemies? ponders I guess they’ll have to explain this to us later on. Anyways, all this to say
that I was completely wrong when I said that Chiaki would be a part of the Bentenmaru. She’s much cooler than that apparently, because she has her own ship. That’s right, she’s that badass. I seriously didn’t expect it, and greatly enjoyed this plot twist.
Aw yeah, he's only pretending! I WANT MY ROMANCE!!!


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    I’m waiting on the harbor to decide which ship I’ll be boarding for the romance! 😀
    I have a feeling I’ll be standing here for a long time though… maybe i should have a parfait while i wait

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