Hoshizora Miyuki was rushing to school as she was late for her first day when she encounters a mysterious creature named Candy who is a fairy that comes from the Kingdom of Picture Books, Marchen. Obsessed by the cuteness overload and excitement, Candy disappears but ends up leaving a book behind in which Miyuki picks up. Later while touring the school, she enters the library and finds a glowing book. Moving the books around the shelves, she solves the ‘puzzle’ and gets sucked into a vortex that leads her to an epic library where she ends up seeing Candy and once more fiddles with the books and find herself in the middle of the street. She finally finds Candy and ends up helping her out and awakens her Precure powers to take down a Big Bad Wolf and his minion in order to prevent a BAD END from happening.

First Impression:
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god. I love this. I was never a huge fan of the Precure series because it all depended on the plot and whether I liked the characters or not- and I haven’t completed a single one yet, but fortunitely- for the first time, Precure has me hooked right from the start. I love what I’m seeing!
Miyuki is freaking hilarious! I love how she’s fearless when it comes down to anything that could be an opportunity of an extraordinary encounter or experience. She loves picture books, fairy tales and adores happy endings and is easily distracted by excitement and automatically accepts what she sees. I also like the fact that while she is kind of over the top with her optimistic energy, it’s acceptable and isn’t annoying which tends to happen often.
This show already has great humor. It was hilarious to see Miyuki fail her Smile Shower and tried all these different poses putting all her energy into it. And then we learn about the whole ‘BAD END’ threat, the first thing that occurred to me was OTOME GAMES (LMFAO) and as result I couldn’t stop laughing. The BIG BAD WOLF was also amusing. I was really waiting for him to go, “I’LL HUFF AND I’LL PUFF AND I’LL BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN!” and to be honest, I kind of wished that happened…
I wasn’t expecting to meet the future Precures by having Akane introduce everyone right off the bat. I’m so used to the heroine encountering others whom she isn’t friends/alliance with right away, so it’s a different feeling- but it isn’t bad. Refreshing in a sense if you ask me.
Overall this was a real fun episode to watch. I was laughing from start to finish, I quickly clicked in with the points- heck if you’re an avid reader and a fan of fairy tales with a mix of magical girls: I think we might in for a treat. Another positive point about this show is the animation. The characters designs are lovely and adorable and the colours are rich and vibrant! (It’s not like those over the top ones that makes your eyes cringe at the sight of it!) The ED CG Sequence was stunning. I knew that Precure was well known for their quality CG dancing sequences, but this is amazing. It’s gorgeous, and for once I enjoyed watching it. I also enjoyed the ED song while on the other hand, I disliked the OP song.
I am absolutely looking forward to watching and covering this show. While there’s no telling when this will end as they usually last for a year with approximately 49 episodes, I’m quite certain I will have a lot of fun covering this.
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