Naruto Shippuden Episode 251: Cannibalism

“Itachi-san…It seems like in the end, I wasn’t such a worthless human, after all.”



Gai captures Kisame and Aoba searches his memories for intel, and just as he is about to discover vital information about Tobi and the Yondaime Mizukage, Kisame bites off his own tongue to prevent the Konoha shinobi finding out any more. Knowing he cannot win, he uses the Suirou no Jutsu on himself and gets his own shark summons to eat him alive, thinking back on a statement that Itachi said to him in the past. When Gai opens the scroll, it turns out to be a booby trap as water prisons prevent all the Konoha shinobi from moving, while another one takes a shark with the real scroll out to sea.


I found that statement of some baby sharks being designed to eat their own siblings quite fitting for Kisame, with his “theme” being sharks after all. It shows that there’s a great deal of lies and deceit in something like a shinobi world, and there’s no-one you can trust, much less from your own village. Er, we’ll call Konoha an exception. It was no less than brutal for Kisame to just casually kill his comrades like that, but I guess in a wartime environment (and certainly no emotional attachment to them) it was easier than expected, especially since it was an order directly given to him. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them though, since they, or the girl anyway, tried to make friends with Kisame, as creepy as he is. There’s also this feeling I have that Kisame knew the entire point of him going was to kill his comrades, which might be why he didn’t respond much to them.

Also we find out that the Fourth Mizukage is being controlled by Tobi with his Sharingan – would that be in a genjutsu controlling Yagura directly, or through the Sanbi as a Jinchuuriki? Either way, he seems interested enough in Kisame, and enough for him to get invited to Akatsuki. Somehow I didn’t think we’d get to see Tobi’s face that easily, and Kisame biting off his tongue to wake himself up was crude, but effective =/ One of the only times I’ve seen Naruto censored due to gore, I’m guessing we could see what’s left of the tongue behind that unnatural white background.

In the end he was noble, and I respect him for that. Sacrificing himself to make sure Akatsuki get important intel on Naruto and Bee – I’d never have thought he’d be able to do it. Committing suicide is a bit of a wasteful way to go out though…now where have we seen something like that before – oh yeah, Deidara. Except that guy killed himself out of spite to try and properly kill Sasuke, and he failed anyway. Itachi’s words actually left an impression on Kisame, and I guess his claiming that he’s not so horrible after all referred to his self-sacrifice to help out Akatsuki, much like how the entirety of Itachi’s life was self-sacrifice so he could die fighting Sasuke.

Next week we have Konan vs Tobi! They’re not wasting any time with anything meaningless, and though it has a few flashbacks (Ame Orphans background info) this fight is gonna be extremely epic. I’m also aware that the season is nearly over (a month left) and there’s that ominous possibility that fillers are coming back T_T

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