Steins;Gate OVA episode 25: The Final World Line

Sorry about the mess, I fanboyed everywhere and now it is really sticky. The final episode of Steins;Gate, my favorite show of 2011, has finally arrived!


It had been so long since the show ended, I didn’t remember how awesome the show was, even without any killing and time travelling, the dialogue, the scenery and the characters are all so incredible. Simply by watching the first 3 minutes I fell in love with the episode when Okabe said “El.Psy.Congroo”. I think my heart stopped beating the time he said it, it sure would explain why I breathed so heavily for the rest of the OVA.

So much tsundere going on in this episode

Where can I even start with an episode like this? First of, to see Okabe mess with the security guard and the cops was simply hilarious, It seems Okabe’s insanity knows no bound. What with his way to introduce the episode too? Even in a meaningless OVA with nothing really happening, he found a way to create a huge twist ! I was totally expecting for the world to end, but instead it was just one of Okabe’s delusion once again. I was certainly not expecting that, that show was always so unpredictable.

Okabe will always remain himself it seems

We even saw Suzuha’s mother and Daru’s future wife in the episode, I was certainly not expecting to ever saw that mysterious girl who would agree to go out with such a giant perverted geek. I’m sure Daru has his sweet sides too, most likely all around his belly were the fat and the sweet from what he eats comes out when he is doing too much exercise.

If the other room is yuri, then this room is...

Another point I would like to bring is that I didn’t remember how much time the character spent on the chans, I think Daru ended about half of his total dialogue with Sage, not without saying that he said that Kurisu was forever alone in her room. It is incredible when you can hear internet reference in popular show and they are not completely butchered up.

I'll just leave this here...

It is also really great that we can verify for certain that Okabe and Kurisu have finally revealed their feelings in that world line too. It was done in such a spectacular fashion too ! The only thing we didn’t see is that they kissed and after that they died of thirst a few days later because no one ever came to pick them up, but that only makes things even more romantic doesn’t it?

It is horrible to think she will sleep with a Barrel

Either way, this show, from episode 1 to the OVA, is incredible and I am looking forward to the movie adaptation, with a little luck it will be just as awesome and won’t be completely horrible like most tv adaptations. I can hardly wait for a chance to see Okabe’s face once again, mad scientist Hououin Kyoma will come to the USA to conquer, create chaos and invade !

He took it well enough

I wish the story would never end, but at the same time, I feel like just about everything has been explained, the only thing I’m still interested in is the future of the other world line where Okabe leads a rebellion in the third world war, but I guess this story is one that will remain untold.

ZeroG signing off

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