Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 4: Domestic Disaster


After waking up with Sora sleeping right beside him, Yuuta goes out for the day to his part-time job, leaving the three girls by themselves at home. Apart from managing to make a mess of the floor and draw on the walls, they also fail to make dinner properly and end up attracting attention from a neighbour. When Yuuta returns home, he forgives the girls and gives them strawberry cake, telling Sora not to worry about money.


It was just an absolute disaster waiting to happen when Yuuta left them alone for one day – when he came back, I bet it must have looked like a war zone or something. I should have guessed a bit earlier that Hina would do something kiddy-like and draw on the walls, but for Miu to join in as well, that was irresponsible. Permanent marker, too – poor Yuuta.

Another thing that was brought up a lot was the idea of money – this is the whole reason why Yuuta’s going on more part-time jobs – to get enough money to be able to raise Sora, Miu and Hina. If he has to buy that kind of breakfast for the girls every day, as a college student only having a part-time job I doubt they’ll be able to survive very long. And that’s just for breakfast too, not including any other spending or food costs. Time to bring in that unknown fortune left to them by a recently deceased faraway relative! Or, rather that’s the only way I can think of for them to get out of this. It was really nice of Yuuta to buy strawberry cake even while short on money and space – it just goes to show how much he really cares for them.

And a clash with college life ensues yet again! I love how the fat otaku guy managed to smell Sora’s scent still on Yuuta (wait, WHAT THE HELL?) and was literally one step away from figuring out that Yuuta keeps three girls in his apartment. Nimura knows, obviously, and I think Raika’s on course to finding out too, but Yuuta got that absolutely right – NEVER, EVER let Sano find out about those girls. EVER. Of course, the reason Yuuta hasn’t been turning up to club is because he has to take care of the girls, which he conveniently can’t use an as excuse on pain of revenge from fat otaku people who love getting hit by fans. Anyway, yes. RAIKA!

I guess you could count that ending as a sort of pseudo-confession, though whether Sora was actually awake or not we’ll never know. She’ll deny it. Yuuta just took her “I love you” in a very fatherly way, which is the correct mindset if he doesn’t want to regress into some sort of pedo. I sure bet he doesn’t mind waking up like that every day though!

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  1. After the fourth episodes of just about every show I think this one and Nisemonogatari are the only ones I’m going to keep up with. Which is strange considering I usually watch 10+. I’m such a sucker for these kind of anime, and it is looking to be pretty good. Yuuta is just a plain good guy.

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