Recorder to Randoseru Episode 5: A Demon Attacks the Teacher's Breasts

This week, Atsushi becomes a DEMON!!!! He has the pleasure of scaring the hell out of little children and his homeroom teacher for a whole day! And so he does epically, while at the same time learning about women and their attributes.


Myst’s Impression
Oh boy, I don’t think the cops will ever learn… ATSUSHI IS NOT A PERV. Just some 5th grader who happens to look like a cute grown man… And so this week he got arrested again. I enjoyed this episode a fair bit, I thought his demon costume was pretty good, and some faces the children made we’re simply priceless.

THAT'S RIGHT, CRY YOU BASTA-Oh wait. That's right, I'm supposed to be nice to kids *whistles*

My favorite part though was probably the ecchi scene, just because it was so generic and clichéd, and yet was made even funnier when you realized a 5th grader was grabbing his teacher’s breasts. Oh Atsushi… I sometimes wonder how you can stay so innocent when you are confronted with so many adult-like things! Next thing we know, he’ll be hit on by Sayo (Atsumi’s friend) and he won’t know how to react I can’t wait to see it.
ZeroG’s Impression
This week episode was on the average side for me, I did smile at some scene, but overall, I felt like I wasted my time more than anything else. I’m glad that it is only 3 minutes of my time and not 30.  For starter I’m not really familiar with the festival that was celebrated, but I can understand how a kid who is so tall with a demon mask can scare the crap out of junior school child. But that teacher sure got really scared by Atsushi. I guess it is not every day that you are sexually assaulted by a prepubescent demon, but she sure has a great voice to scream that loud over it.

The other thing that I found weird in this episode is how Atsushi was labelled as a pedophile for saying “I’m a demon, roar”. Now, I’m not an expert in pedophile psychology and behaviour, but how could that be seen as something perverted in any way? If anything he looks like a fool and a funny guy more than any pedophile I know (granted, I don’t know any). I mean, with Atsushi size, he could easily be one of the girls father, why would he instantly be called a pedophile? It is beyond me.
ZeroG signing off

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