Zero no Tsukaima F Episodes 5 + 6: Swimming in Fanservice

Episode 5 Summary

Kirche, Tabitha and Montmorency visit De Ornielle, in addition to Louise’s sister Eleonore, who tries to take her back to the Valliere house since she doesn’t approve of Louise staying under the same roof as Saito. When Louise and Saito have an argument, Saito finds a hidden room that connects to Henrietta’s in her castle, and they end up kissing, not realizing that Louise was watching behind the door.

Episode 5 Impression

Well, Saito sure gets around doesn’t he? Told you he’d have at least one Queen in his harem. It’s not the first time he’s kissed Henrietta either, and I’m sure you all remember that time at the face-changing ball when Henrietta posed as Louise and got kissed by Saito by mistake. Then Louise went and bitchslapped her, which was awesome at the time. What I don’t get is why Saito would just randomly kiss Henrietta on such a whim, true she turned up almost naked and willing, but everything escalated too fast – within a few minutes – and it just happened that Louise was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Both Tabitha/Charlotte and Henrietta mentioned this to various degrees, but as royalty they more or less have the power to order Saito to be their lover, Louise or not. That power is probably why Tabitha immediately told Louise she’d be making a move on him if they broke up, since I suspect that they want to win his love for real. Apart from Siesta, who will do almost anything to get Saito away from “Miss Valliere” xD

I think on the whole, that small affair was solved far too easily, with Louise seemingly trusting Saito far too much and not really asking many questions when the main one should be why the Queen and Saito are in a dusty room together kissing. Asuka vibes from Kimi no Iru Machi here. We got some nice Henrietta eyecandy though. As predicted, we’re digging a deep hole plot-wise, that looks like it’s just about to get even deeper with no sign of reversing anytime soon…I knew the epicness from the first three eps wouldn’t last.

Episode 6 Summary

Saito finds that there is a natural hot spring on his land near De Ornielle, and invites his friends as well as Henrietta over for a hot springs party. Both Tabitha and Henrietta state their feelings for Saito towards Louise, while Tiffa’s crush on him gets even stronger.

Episode 6 Impression

So Saito just happens to find a hot spring, out in the middle of nowhere? What a great start for a plot-less episode full of fanservice and ecchi. Unfortunately there was a bit of discreet censoring with the steam from the onsen, but just download the 1080p and stare really, really hard. Also, here you go. You’re welcome.

The Louise vs Henrietta bitchfight is apparently, not uncommon for them o.O It was good that Henrietta didn’t go and pull rank on Louise, but even though they were old friends I’m still surprised that Louise would be so defiant against her, since she’s normally respectful and meek and all that. Well, this is about Saito after all. On another note, it seems that the whole motive behind Tabitha living at De Ornielle was to somehow make Saito her lover, probably in line with her coronation as Gallia’s Queen. I guess there would be more problems if she openly stated her intentions, but even I could tell that she was kicking herself and being noble by advising Louise last episode instead of making moves on Saito herself.

I think there’s a good chance we’re leaving filler after seeing more hooded figures head towards Saito and Louise, which is a step in the right direction. You can still redeem yourself ZnT!


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