Amagami SS+ plus Episode 7: Stranded


Kaoru and Junichi decide to save up to go on a trip for their last summer break as high schoolers. They can’t save enough money up though, so they end up going on a three-day trip through a bus tour. When the bus stops for its first 20min break, both Kaoru and Junichi end up getting distracted and the bus leaves without them, leaving them stranded in the middle of an empty parking lot with none of their luggage.


Kaoru, you’re as bad as Miya when it comes to food -_- I suppose it was just a combo of bad luck that ended up with them left behind though, since Kaoru’s plan to “hide” all the sweets she bought ended up having the driver mistake them for sleeping under that blanket, as unrealistic as it would be in real life. Who sleeps with a blanket completely suffocating them anyway? I loved how everyone on the bus (yes, even that old guy) were interested in what seemed like badly hidden sex noises, it must have been SO awkward while they tried to…break apart just the chocolate bit of a sweet. Junichi, I just…wow. You never cease to surprise me with your strange ideas. Even funnier was how Kaoru was completely fine with it – remember that bellybutton kissing thing last season, and they ended up getting caught by Miya?

I was quite disappointed by how they ended up going on just a bus tour, since even a hot springs trip would have been nicer, with the Kaoru fanservice and all. Not only that, but the whole Junichi x Kaoru pairing didn’t click with me very much, though it seemed to be fine last season. Even the characters within Amagami (like Kaoru’s friend or Umehara) picked up on the fact that apart from the official dating relationship thing, Kaoru and Junichi act exactly the same around each other like how it was before they started going out. Even Rihoko had a slight personality change (though they were pretty close before) but with Kaoru, they could have been normal more-than-friends for anyone knows. Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly didn’t feel much change at all.

In terms of what’s going on plot-wise, I can’t even begin to predict what they’ll end up doing to get out of their mess, since pretty much anything could happen. Right now, they have no luggage – that means change of clothes too – no means of contact, since Miya helpfully fell asleep, no way of contacting the bus company and not much money either. Ironically, the one thing they do have is full stomachs from eating at that restaurant LMAO. Maybe some hitchhiking or grabbing free rides off truckers is in order?

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