Area no Kishi Ep 9: One hell of a busy day!

After the SC/FC arrives at the training camp, Seven heads off to play for Nadeshiko Japan just in time for the second half of the game against the Miami Hurricanes. With Japan losing 0 – 2, Seven quickly turns the game around by dumping two goals and an assist with Taeko.

It was one hell of a busy day- at least for Seven that is!
Seven’s match was fun, but it wasn’t exciting. In fact, what I didn’t like was how they made it so easy for her score. Okay I get it, she’s an incredibly talented player, and the opponents underestimated her.
Anyhow, the fact she is such a badass player racks up some more points on how much I love her character. Its no wonder why she is entitled as the ‘Little Witch’. She is extremely agile, fast and her footwork with the ball is magical. The fact she has enough confidence that the ball will always be by her side when she’s looking up, which gives her the field advantage to see opportunities for new plays or dodging traps.
I do wonder how she will balance the two activities (being the SC’s manager and playing as a full time player for Nadeshiko Japan). I think she will eventually have to make a choice between the two, and when that happens, I sincerely hope she chooses being on the professional team. Next week we’ll see her back on the field and facing a difficult opponent, so I’ll be looking forward to that.
I feel so bad for Oda. The poor guy was trying to do the right thing and then he was the one to be blamed for ‘peeking’ into the girl’s bath by being there at the wrong time. I also felt bad for him losing the lantern as well. He doesn’t seem to have much luck, but I do hope it improves over time.
While this episode didn’t give Seven a whole lot of screen time for her match, it was still fulfilling with the humour and the progression being made by the FC and SC together as one. I’m also happy to see it’s taking quite a bit more time for Araki to get back into formable shape.


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