Mouretsu Pirates Episodes 8 + 9: The Start of an Epic Quest


Episode 8 Summary
We finally meet the unknown “threat” aboard the Bentenmaru, who turns out to become anything but a threat. She is, in fact, Princess Gruier Serenity what a retarded name… The Serenity part is nice, but Gruier? Sounds like I’m growling when I say it, a really important figure in society, and one of the most adorable princesses I have ever seen.
Anyways… After meeting up with the princess, presentations are made and Miss Gruier then presents them a request to find “the Golden Ghost Ship”, which Marika accepts without a second thought and which isn’t one of her best tactical strategies... As they are actually about to receive the information concerning this Ghost Ship, Serenity is attacked by unknown enemy fleets, and Marika is about to make a decision… But the episode ends.
Episode 8 Impression
And so, my interest for this show almost disappeared. I haven’t lost hope though… Yet. If next episode doesn’t provide me with anything interesting, I will start having a much harder time to blog and watch this.
Yet, it seems like there may be something good in this after all! I mean, we finally have a proper request with what seems to be decent enemies, and maybe just maybe we’ll finally have a bit of good action! I’m still impatiently waiting for it… And we’re at episode 8 now.
On a side note, we finally got the crew presented to us… Or should I say to the Princess. It doesn’t seem like Marika was important enough as the captain to have the crew presentations, we needed a princess for it! -_-‘ I guess it’s better than nothing.
Anyways… Let’s see what next episode brings before I throw a bitch fit.
Episode 9 Summary
After a long 30-second fight hey, it’s a record in this show, Marika and Gruier meet up with the lonely Corback being chased, where they are given a mysterious box which contains the information necessary to find the Golden Ghost Ship.

Tehe ^.^

Now back to school, Chiaki has come back for the time being, and everyone is super happy to see her. Princess Gruier then visits the yacht club, asking on ways how to skip class, and it is decided that the yacht club will go on a cruise at that time, therefore giving out a good excuse to skip now I want a yacht club more than anything else.
After a discussion where the location of the Ghost Ship is anticipated, the mission begins, and the whole crew of the Bentenmaru starts on this adventure as the episode ends.
Episode 9 Impression
Hmmm… I guess this episode was a bit better…
There were a few things I liked in this episode and almost none that disappointed me, which is already an improvement from last episode which simply got me bored. For example, I enjoyed seeing even more of Marika’s improvement towards being a good captain, since she is now making her own decisions for the ship, and good ones at that.As for the quest they have started, so far it seems of interest to me, I do hope they will encounter much more than their share of trouble because it always makes things more interesting :).
Apart from that, Chiaki’s visit in the yacht club was really funny, and I have to admit that with her and Gruier together, the ratio of cute girls increases a lot and causes me to slightly fangirl inside whenever I see them smile.
In the end, although the “fight” from the beginning of the episode was super lame, I enjoyed this episode enough to be able to laugh as well as to look forward to next episode, as their quest to find the Golden Ghost Ship begins.

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