Bakuman Episode 25 [Final]: Perfect Crime Party

Please note: There will be a third season of Bakuman starting next Fall 2012
It’s time for a new serialization!


In this final episode, Ashirogi Muto prepare Perfect Crime Club (renamed Perfect Crime Party, or PCP) for its serialization, remaking the whole manuscript from scratch and missing the New Years’ party in order to fix the character design.

Oh, the adorableness! ^.^ Shiratori has such a cute kid face!

Once that’s been done, the new assistants come in, 2 of them which we never met before, Shiratori and Moriya. We are briefly introduced to them, and after a short argument everyone comes together to an agreement and the team is set.
On the day the first chapter comes out, PCP is faced off right away against Fukuda’s new one-shot, a pure mainstream shounen about motorcycles. When the results come out, PCP wins in first place by a landslide, with a lead of 150 votes over Fukuda’s one-shot. This causes Iwase to go nuts and to decide to rewrite everything to make it better, while Mashiro decides to visit his Uncle’s grave to show him the rankings.
We then get a short recap of this season, and then hear Mr. Roboto the chief editor stating that “if they are not head to head with +Natural and Crow in 6 months, they will be cancelled” I swear this guy’s such an assbutt.
YES! YES! YESSSSS!!!! I’ll be honest here, when Mashiro was making the most idiotic face ever, so was I. Not only did they get first place, they also won by an incredible landslide, despite facing off against a one-shot! GO GO GO ASHIROGI!!!!!Seems like Bakuman’s pace will always remains absolutely great, as this second season once again ends with a superb serialization. Even more so than Detective Trap, everyone believes that Perfect Crime Party will be THE manga, the one which will beat Niizuma and give them an anime, and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending, even if a third season will be coming along.
The buildup for this was also pretty great. I’m intrigued to know more about Moriya and Shiratori, the new assistants, since they were presented to us as though they will become pretty important later on. In response to their debate, I think Mashiro was completely right in what he said. Not everyone can write and draw the way they want to and have the talent for everyone to love their manga. However, I believe it’s primordial to love what you do anyways. Even Takagi and Mashiro write stuff that they love even though they use the “popularity technique”.
I enjoyed seeing Ashirogi Muto’s ever-so-strong determination to make PCP the best manga ever, since they had definitely lost that when Tanto came around. Also, when I saw Mashiro leave with Hattori with the rankings, I honestly thought he was going to go see Azuki with those, and I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed he was visiting his Uncle’s grave instead. His original goal was, after all, to become first in rankings, so it was quite pleasant to get a reminder of that and to see how far him and Takagi have gotten.
So, it looks like everything is now back in its place. With Hattori as their new editor, a new and awesome serialization and renewed determination from our favourite authors, all is set for this new season to appear. Bakuman II had a great ending, now let’s hope that Bakuman III will be just as great!
I shall leave you guys with this beautiful image... Enjoy!

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