Here it is, the final episode of Bleach and it was such a good episode too, a great way to end this grandiose show that was Bleach.



This was the last episode of Bleach, I never thought I would say that one day, I was not expecting this show to end this soon, but I am glad it does. It has been 366 episodes already, but there was so many fillers in there that were ruining things, I am glad that I won’t have to endure those anymore, but let us go back on topic, the final episode of Bleach.

He holds the power in his hand

I was not expecting the fight with Ginjo to end this quickly, I was expecting something a little closer in term of strength. The intro had not even played yet and Ginjo was lying dead on the ground. Even with all the power he had stolen and with his hollow power, Ginjo was still nothing close to a match for Ichigo in Bankai form. I don’t think Ichigo had a single scratch after that fight against the strongest member of Xcution and the original substitute soul reaper. When you think of how Byakuya had trouble fighting Ginjo’s right hand, it gives you an idea of how invincible and powerful Ichigo has become, even after his 2 years of break after he defeated Aizen.

I love to see that the empty captain position were finally filled, with visors none the less

Now the last remaining members of Xcution have scattered and I wonder if something good will ever happen to them or if they will just live their lives as normally as they can from now on, after all Jackie lost her Fullbring and Rurika was never a threat to begin with. Not that we will find out about that anytime soon, but it is still something I wonder a little about.

staring into the distance for the ending, check

Now it was really no surprise to see Ichigo stay as a substitute soul reaper, the second half of the episode was really cheesy and expected, but it wasn’t such a bad thing in the end, I liked it either way, it was a good “ending”. It ain’t really the end, but it might be for the anime at the very least, It is kind of sad when you think about it, after all I have spent over 200 hours with this show, you eventually grow fond of certain characters…and hate some others with a passion. In the end this marks the end of an era both in the show and in the world of anime. Bleach was one of the few “never-ending” show and it is now ending after so many years, it will leave a huge gap to fill for some other anime to take over.

Meanwhile in the show, we can really realize the huge impact Ichigo had on the sereitei and everyone from the Gotei 13, after all there are now visors as captains, that ain’t nothing, they are half hollow after all. Ichigo changed the world around him with his conviction and desire to protect everyone, and I am gracious to him, I’ve been watching him change his world for the last 3 years and blogged it every Tuesday for the last year and a half, It is the end of an era for me too, but I’m certain I will survive…because pass all the nostalgia, there are some better show out there for me to waste 30 minutes each week on.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Furion

    Been watching this show for 2 years, it was always a great show.

    And thank you for giving your time blogging, but rumors say Bleach isn’t dead just yet.

    Heard they’re moving their post or something.

  2. Nokta

    It’s not dead yet, we wont have new about the show for long time but they stopped because they catched up the manga already, wait that they realease a few manga it will start up again dont worry.

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