Tsukishima sure got cocky in this one, He had such a great advantage against Byakuya but he still managed to mess up when trying to show off. Both of them were certain that they were in a battle that they were fully prepared for and in which nothing unexpected or unpredictable could possibly happen. Turn out they were both wrong. In the end I think I liked Tsukishima more than I like Byakuya, it was a selfish prick for another selfish prick after all, but If I have to choose between the power to implement oneself in the past of people and things or having an army of flower petals, I think one of them sounds more manly and awesome than the other.


Time to pose

It seems like just about every one of Xcution, except for Ginjo, has already been taken care of, I don’t think that any of the one still left standing have any chance what so ever to win at this point. I’m 100% ready and looking for the final fight between Ichigo and Ginjo before the show finally ends for a little while.


Come at me Bro

The other fight this episode was the one between the two annoying girl that loves Ichigo, the fight was boring and it was filled with cuteness and other stuff I don’t really understand. There was this whole backstory thing happening, but I don’t care all that much about much of their past, they are already pretty much defeated after all, no point in learning the backstory of the pathetic losers. But I would love to learn more about everything that happened in the sereitei in the past few years or Ginjo’s story. Those are things that intrigue me, not the story of some pathetic rich kid or boring old man. I want to know how Ginjo betrayed the sereitei and what exactly happened back then. He must be kind of powerful or have some kind of advantage if no one ever went against him yet. I’m curious to find out what that is, I guess we will find out pretty soon anyway.

ZeroG signing off