Animation Company: David Production
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
Episodes: 12
Summary: Shirakiin Ririchiyo moves to a special mansion called Ayakashi Kan, with the the best security and has unique, upperclass residents. She then finds herself confronted by Soushi who claims that he is her bodyguard.

Story/Plot: 6/10
This is the most predictable, not to mention BORING plot you will probably ever come across of. If you don’t realize it within a few episodes, then it means you aren’t paying close enough attention because it’s obvious. All the hints are there, it’s up to you whether to take them seriously.
But despite that, they completed it, there weren’t any plotholes, we got the backstory- mission complete. However I’m not giving this more than six simply because they were too focused on boring fillers and little mini games with the characters than making any progression with the plot itself.

Characters & Development: 6/10
Let me name two characters who actually appeal to me:
Karuta and Kagerou.
Why? Because at least they are interesting.
Oh Ririchiyo, our fabulous heroine, she is by far the most ANNOYING heroine I’ve come across of that isn’t a cluz! Oh god, you have no idea- unless you have read some of my entries how her stupid repetition of how she desired to understand Soushi more. GOD. JUST SPIT IT OUT, AND GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH. And what do they do? They decide to drag it on until Episode 10. That’s right, it takes 10 freaking episodes, of the same stupid problem from Episode 1 to Episode 10, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. By episode 8, I lost all my patience. The only reason I even bothered to finish watching this series was simply because I was blogging it in the first place. If I weren’t I would’ve dropped it by then, but I was far too stubborn to leave it behind since I knew I only had to suck it up for a few more episode.
However despite that, even though it was unbearably slow! Ririchiyo had her development and over the course of the show her personality improved and courage to take chances grew.
Now Soushi:
In the manga he doesn’t bother me as much- and I quickly figured out why:
It’s because as soon as he open his mouth, you will want to put a muzzle on him because he will talk and talk and talk- and won’t shut up- and GOD, I hate listening to corny bullshit and serenade or whatever!!! Anyhow, he doesn’t get much development- and the only thing you’ll learn about him or see any sort of development is in his flashback… And when it’s a flashback, I don’t know whether that’s justified to count.

Animation Quality: 10/10
There’s one positive highlight about this show and that’s the Animation Quality.  Yup it was a great.

That’s just about it. Wasn’t anything too special, I mean pretty cherry blossoms and all, the transformation scenes were fun to watch- especially Soushi’s, magnificent as ever. Although I do have to say, the Opening Sequence is gorgeous.

OST: 7/10
I found the OST to be quite annoying for most part. There’s a few tracks I liked, but mind you when I say FEW, I am talking about one or two. The Opening and Endings for most part is something I immediately skipped for most part- but I did watch the Opening a few times. The Endings all have Character Songs, so isn’t entirely all bad. It really depends on the audience’s preference.
Overall Score: 6/10

In the end Inu x Boku SS for 10 episodes was incredibly boring, and it’s really the final two episodes that left a more positive impact on my opinion based on how I feel about this show. While it succeeded winning my heart in the finale and made the very fact that I put up with this till the very end worth it… I’m afraid that I can’t completely turn a blind eye to the dull experienced I had experienced beforehand.
I’m sorry but here I was, looking forward to how Inu x Boku SS was going to turn out- and I’m throughly disappointed. By all means, I’d rather encourage you to read the manga rather than to actually watch this. For one, the tensions are far more different and they actually left quite a few things out. I also found the ‘dramatic’ BGM that made the mood feel quite gloomy, completely overshadowed the humor when there was supposed to be a gag.
Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised to see this show get a second season- and if it ever does, mark my words: I won’t be watching it.
Recommendation: Not Really
With the lack of progressive development and somewhat mediocre characters, you probably won’t enjoy this very much. The only reward you will get for putting up with this is a strong ending.
When it comes down to recommending an anime to a new audience, this would not be on my showcase list. In the end, it’s up to your own taste and level of tolerance to rather pathetic development.


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