Naruto Shippuden Episode 256: Mobilising Armies



Oonoki carries the entire Turtle Island over to Kumogakure, the base of the Allied Shinobi Forces, who has just received intel on the 100,000 Zetsu clones hidden underground. Meanwhile, Naruto and Bee are still hidden inside the turtle, where Bee tries to distract Naruto from investigating by teaching him how to control his Kyuubi chakra to its full extent. The Allied Shinobi Forces then mobilise into five different warfare divisions, each headed by specialists in their area. In their hideout, Kabuto presents his Edo Tensei forces to Kabuto, who are all made up of ninja once famous in their own right.



Well, after some searching I found out that it wasn’t strictly a filler arc, but instead four episodes celebrating an anniversary of some sort, that are presumably going to show Naruto’s first meeting with Sasuke and how they eventually grew to become rivals and formed the love-hate relationship they have now with each other. Yes, that’s nice and all, except one – it’s not canon, and two – you chose to do this right as a WAR is literally ABOUT TO START?


Okay, I guess I’d better talk about what happened this episode now. First off, I think Aoba and Motoi made a good choice in telling Bee the situation with Kabuto and Yamato, since Bee would have a better control over Naruto given their relationship as Jinchuuriki’s. Also I doubt Aoba or Motoi would be able to stop Naruto now once he gets hold of what’s going on, since his power level is far too high now. It’s true though – the most powerful are always the weirdest, or messed up in some way. You will almost never find a normal, strong guy.

Anyway, it seems they’ve found out about the 100,000 cloned Zetsu, and so the Allied Shinobi Forces have started mobilising to counter them, though I don’t think they know about the mass Edo Tensei just yet. I never realized just how many shinobi the alliance has – I think there may actually be more than 80,000 ninja in those five divisions. It’s a bit like, I dunno, Shakugan no Shana in a way, where we’ve only been getting all the action within a small group of Flame Haze (or just Konoha in this situation) and there turns out to be an amazing number of other people who they’ve never interacted with before, but are still there.

The choices for division leaders are reasonable, Kakashi and Darui in particular are skilled at what they do. I don’t know whether Gaara was the best choice given his young age, but he must have some skill (as he’s the Kazekage after all) even if we might not have seen its full extent yet.

So what’s basically going on with Kabuto is that nearly every single antagonist (and others as well) from the history of the Narutoverse is being reanimated, not only for military use but for psychological warfare too. Why else resurrect Dan, Hyuuga Hizashi or Asuma? Then we have the old Kages, Jinchuuriki and people like Hanzo or Chiyo. Even Haku and Zabuza are making it back. At this point I’m not going to even ask how hard it was for Kabuto to go grave digging, but I do think it’s much better this way compared to thinking up a whole slew of new enemies.

The war’s finally starting, and it’ll be an epic run xD If we can get past the next four weeks first that is.

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