Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 19: Yuki gets all the chicks

So Yuki decided to not suck.

I’m okay with this.

Of course it’s an act. Yuki and Yuno have decided to convince everyone else how reassured Yuki is and make him an intimidating foe. To the extent that they team up with Eigth to capture Eleventh, and Yuki even seems confident about it…

Not to mention, everyone left in the game knows the identify of each other. Eleventh is the mayor of the city, and Eigth is well….pretty obvious already. The point remains, Ninth is back so I still care!

Most importantly though, this whole episode has Eigth and Yuki and Yuno trying to kill Eleventh. Until they turn on Eigth, kill all her friends, and make it obvious they were going for her instead. Oh fun times. Yuki has become an ass with help from Yuno, and is serious about becoming the new god and bringing back everyone he can think of, including his parents. Eigth ends up in the car with Eleventh and they drive away from Yuki and Yuno, who get in the car and chase them. Killing Eleventh is a lot harder than it seems…but Yuno looks at her phone and sees something very disturbing, and then gets worried.

It’s of course when Akise Aru stops Yuki and reveals the identity of the third body that we learn the truth. The third body is of Gasai Yuno herself. And how can Yuno be the real Yuno if….Gasai Yuno is really the third corpse?

Despite the disturbing news, Yuki decides to trust Yuno and they get away. But what’s the truth now? And now that Eleventh has eighth…why hasn’t he killed her? All that seems to be apparent is that Eleventh must be stopped….


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