Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 11: Everyone’s Desires



Aunt Yoshiko suddenly comes to visit an unaware Yuuta and catches the apartment in its messy state, as well as identifying problems with Sora and Miu while witnessing Hina coming down with a fever. The girls’ uncle writes to Yuuta, apologizing for the incident at the funeral and saying that he can now take in all three of the girls, leaving Yuuta with a decision to make.


It seems we’ve gotten back to the original plotline of the story, which is the whole idea of Yuuta sacrificing himself and his life to take in and care for three girls in a small, one-room apartment. I never imagined the previous episodes would build up to this, where things are starting to stabilize yet are still risky, and everything will fall apart unless something happens to change that soon.

They’ve also reiterated and reminded us of the deaths of the girls’ parents, something which Hina is still unaware of – they do say ignorance is bliss after all. I wonder how she’ll take it after she grows up and realizes the harsh truth; that unfortunately her parents aren’t going to be coming back.

I wonder how Aunt Yoshiko even knew the situation surrounding Sora and Miu, though she probably did some snooping around. Ironically, it’s just as she’s said. It’s difficult for children to adapt to their new surroundings, and they can get into complications easily without an environment that they’re familiar with. So even though Yuuta is struggling (though he may be coping a bit better now) where’s the sense in moving all three of them again, to the house of an older man and his wife? I dunno about you, but I think the chemistry between Yuuta and the three girls is already pretty good – I’m imagining them to be pretty detached from their actual uncle if they do move, as more of a guardian than a parent.

I’ve noticed that Yuuta is referring to himself as a father completely openly now, and no-one seems to be objecting against it, much less the girls themselves (though from the various daydreams, Sora definitely wants it to be something more). In the end, it’s ultimately what everyone wants that’s causing them to act the way they do. Sora and Miu are hiding their troubles not to cause problems for Yuuta, Hina is just living life as it goes and Yuuta was just unlucky that he had his apartment checked up on when it was messy. I do think he’ll eventually burn out if nothing changes, so I do hope that we see some development next week that’ll give everyone a happy ending.

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