Recorder to Randoseru episode 11 – 12: Class trip to the Police Station

The show is so short that even if we jam two episodes together it is still only 5 minutes long.


ZeroG’s Impression

Pedophile jokes, Pedophile jokes everywhere. Make no mistakes, I laughed at every single one of them, but I’m glad the season is about over, because if it is the only kind of joke the show is able to offer, it is kind of lame. Just how many time did the police abducted the poor kid? I’m sure he wasn’t tall one day when he woke up, it must have been a year or two since he was that tall and he is arrested just about every day of the week, how did the police not manage to remember him by now?

It is kind of funny when you think about it, but if people are to see someone as innocent and honest as a little kid, they will immediately think something is wrong. Adult are not allowed to be completely honest with their feeling or to have pure ideas, they are all seen as corrupted and they have to prove otherwise as time passes by. It is one of the cruel reality of life, even though we all live in society we are unable to trust people we don’t know, because of a few deviant individuals, the whole world needs to be constantly cautious of the strangers surrounding them.

ZeroG signing off.

Myst’s Impression

Oh, I feel so bad for Atsushi, but I must admit I kinda feel bad for the teacher also. It must be hard to have to go pick this guy up at the police station… Everyday. Like Zero said, I can’t belive the police hasn’t been able to recognize him yet and stop his constant visits to the police station. The only fresh humour that I still can’t get sick of is about Sayo, who always thinks that Atsushi is some important adult in society when he’s really only an elementary student.

I’m a little sad that this has become a show all about Atsushi, when Atsumi also happens to look like an elementary school student and she could have a bunch of good jokes going around her as well. I mean, she’s also so god damn adorable that I really want to see more of her (even though there’s only 1 episode left).

Find the mismatch.

Next week is last episode… I’m glad this is ending, I continued watching it simply because it was 3 minutes long.

2 thoughts on “Recorder to Randoseru episode 11 – 12: Class trip to the Police Station

  1. I’m really annoyed with the lame pedophile joke but there will be second season of this

    1. Oh my, I hadn’t even heard about it, thanks for the info! I hope they change their humour, it’s getting really tiring :/ Ah well, it’s only 3 minutes so it isn’t too bad I guess…

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