Recorder to Randoseru Episode 13 [Final]: Drunk teachers and Mysterious Men

This week, Atsushi and Atsumi go to the flower blossoming festival, where they happen to meet Take-nii as well as Atsushi’s teacher.

Wait, who is it that always gets arrested for paedophilia again?


Myst’s Impression
facepalm Alright, so this was… Quite weird? I guess I’ll just do this point form since it’s pretty much the only way I can talk about this:
-Atsushi never changes
-Take-Nii looks more of a pedophile than Atsushi by much more
-I wanna see Take-Nii’s face I’m still persuaded he has that scar on his head
-Seeing Atsushi’s teacher as a drunk person was hilarious

Maybe he's Cyclops from X-Men and that's why we can't see his eyes.

Aaaaaand… That’s about it. For a final episode, there was nothing really special about it, but I still enjoyed it because the jokes weren’t the same as usual and there was a lot of fresh jokes put into it. I still have no idea why the producers hid Take-Nii’s face for so long, it seriously intrigues me to no end… What a weird gag. But it works.
Anyways, this isn’t really a final episode since there will be Recorder to Randoseru’s second season (called Recorder to Randoseru Re) which will air starting April 6 2012, however if we go by technicalities, this needs a proper review which should follow as soon as possible.
ZeroG’s Impression
This episode was no conclusion, it didn’t wrap up anything, after all, what is there to wrap up anyway? It was just another little slice of life story in the life of our ridiculously tall friend Atsushi. It was mildly disturbing to see his teacher all drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Even more so when they tried to seduce the two poor kids. It is always a little disturbing to see such blatant pedophilia in public and everyone is too drunk to see it or to care. At least Atsushi LOOKS like an adult, but Atsumi looks like a 3 years old, that’s some really messed up teacher you have there.

At least Take-nii got to enjoy some nice teacher’s boobs, always a good day when it happens. I like boobs more than flowers too, so I perfectly understand how Take-nii feels right now. But I would say that since he had both boobs and flower at the same time, he was really quite the lucky man.

I’m not sure I would be ready to cover a second season of this show, yes it is short, but it is also incredibly repetitive and it ends up boring in no time, I’d much rather spend 3 minutes watching flies fly around the room than watch a second season of this.
ZeroG signing off

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