Hey there everyone! Oki here to let you know to expect me at Anime Boston 2012!

I’ll be there cosplaying Miria from Baccano!

And the PC from a much less well known game, Magical Diary!

[this game is less well known, so if you want details to better search me out then just check out Their website! ]

So I’ll be blonde all weekend! Feel free to shout at me about boobs, or if someone who is blonde asks for your pictures, run. Because I am worrisome.

If there are any events people would like further coverage of, just let me know in the comments! I am going as a true representative of Angry Anime Bitches and hope to see you there! If you’re just finding out about it please check out the event website and consider going…if only to discuss boobies.

Anime Boston 2012

See you then guys!