Smile Precure! Ep 7: The Secret Base, within a Secret Base

The girls struggle to find  a secret base that they can all enjoy without any interruptions.

I’m not surprised to see this another pointless episode, while it was cute- yes, understandably for me it was boring with the whole  episode dedicated to searching for a secret base, while knowing that the secret base they were looking for the entire time was simple right in front of them all long. Children probably found it downright hilarious and awesome, but at the same time, it was still cute as ever and I was able to at least enjoy this a little bit.
One of the things that we managed to get out of the episode was understanding our heroines a bit more. For example, it was revealed that Nao adores cute things and Akane LOVES Gorillas. We also were able to see Miyuki down for the first time, however it makes me scratch my head a bit about how she located a special place when I recall she was new in town (unless the bookcase had taken her to her old town… but I highly doubt that). OR, it was another location she found- similar to her old base that she was inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Either way, the spot was taken by two younger children and Miyuki was mature enough not to be a baby about it despite the fact it did make her said.
The highlight of the episode was definitely when Anne of Green Gables was mentioned. It’s has been and always will be my favourite part of my childhood, and funny enough, I’m currently reading the Novels.
Next week, or at least for the next three weeks- I’m quite doubtful about whether the actual plot will kick in for an exchange. Perhaps the whole Pierrot awakening will be what kicks in the plot since our current villains (except for the Joker, whom we yet to see in a fight) can’t defeat the Precures and only are able to continue the countdown. So if it continues steadily at one or two Akanbes per episode, by episode 21 or 22 would be when Pierrot awakens. But honestly I think it’s going to be at episode 20 unless there are filler episodes where not a single Akanbe is summoned.


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