Sakaki, I love you.


Note I’ll be kind of trying out a new style of writing in this post, so don’t freak out! Also, you don’t have to but opinions on it are gladly appreciated


Guys, IT’S TIME. For… drum rolls KICK THE CAN!!!!
No jokes. These guys are REAAAAAL excited to play it but I mean, I can understand, kick the can is such a fun game.

>.< I can't take it anymore!!! Tsumiki, stop being so adorable!!!

Of course, Mayoi being her usual self, she spices up the game with a few gadgets and prizes, and then the game starts, as Sakaki and Mayoi have way too much fun out of this, and the game ends with one of Sakaki’s and Io’s perfect strategies to kick the can.
Duuuuude. I think I just fell in love with the game Kick the Can all over again. Taking out the idea of playing inside a school, which looks absolutely AWESOME, these guys put this game to a whole new level. Seriously, seeing Tsumiki try and glomp Io and seeing Mayoi’s gadgets and traps, I swear I was laughing the whole way through. I must admit, Sakaki and Mayoi make a damn good pair of rivals, I just hope eventually some romance’ll sprout between them two if not then I’ll just keep imagining 🙂.
Heya there pretty boy :3

Moving on… Part B involves Io and Sakaki taking part in a TV show at school, and they both have a talk about confessions and love hinting at Tsumiki I think you should listen well… So should Io.
Who are you, anyways?

K, before I mention anything else, I’ve gotta say: Sakaki is awesome. He is SO hilarious, and reminds me of Mayoi but as a man and less crazy. Honestly, those two are amazing, and I really wish to see more of them. I liked watching the love talk, and I really laughed when the question “one of my friends is really clueless about a girl who likes him”. Io is blind, it’s ridiculous…


Alright! Looking at the episode in general, was it good? Bad? Horrid? Never horrid. Honestly, I’m still eagerly following every episode of this show, and still loving it. Although it seems quite obvious from next week’s preview that the producers intend to keep everyone together playing stupid games all the time, the jokes are rarely repetitive, and since this is a gag anime I can’t really say I expect much more to happen. The only thing I hope will not happen is that the characters will eventually lack content and become boring. Honestly, however, with how this has been proceeding, I doubt it.

I couldn't help but stare at the pen throughout the whole of part B O_o

This week, Sakaki in particular had a very good character development. Since Acchi Kocchi began, that guy was always a bit more in the background, and this episode really brought him forward and made us know a bit more about him. Part B was used mostly to feature his character, since we hadn’t seen much of him yet, and I was quite delighted with what they gave us. Considering there are still many characters that we don’t know much about (like Hime, Kana and Saki), I really don’t think they’ll run out of ideas to entertain us.
Animation-wise, well… See for yourself.

I was really happy with a few scenes they showed us, and there really wasn’t anything which I got really annoyed at.
Also, here's for more Io fanservice 😀

P.S.: Also, I LOVE the ending song… It’s so incredibly catchy and cute and… fangirls

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  1. wantei

    Acchi Kocchi is simply hilarious hands down!!!

    1. Myst

      Agreed. So far, it’s the show that has made me fangirl the most this season, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

  2. TimesTicking

    That first picture was pure epic!
    Tsumiki is just too adorable
    I loved the part where Io dodged her and her staring intently XD

    1. Myst

      Yes! And she was so depressed afterwards too… I’m glad her cuteness isn’t being overused though, I owuldn’t ever want to get sick of her ^.^

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