Kagura makes a get away with Mikono, however is unable to leave the city due to Mykage ignoring him for the hell of it. In the mean time while Amata and the others search for Mikono, she learns the reason why Kagura has been chasing her and comes to understand the true meaning behind his backwards language.


OH MY FREAKING GOSH! KAGURA WAS SO ADORABLE, WHEN HE BLUSHED – THE NOISE THAT CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH WAS NOT HUMAN. He was too cute!, I can’t- I can’t, too cute for words! It was even MORE adorable when he clarified that he wasn’t actually going to kill her, and that he couldn’t if he-
Oh… *FACPALM* I just realized something…  Okay that made me giggle like crazy.
You know when Mikono said, “No don’t kill me here.” Kagura blushed like crazy. At first I originally thought he realized she misunderstood- but then I just remembered and understood why he was blushing so much. When he says, “Even I couldn’t… Not in a place like this.” I think how he understood it was “No don’t love me here.“, however varies on how you put it. I’m certain it wasn’t specifically used as that phrase, but I think- no I’m PRETTY SURE he interpreted it as making out or whatever. I mean why else would he be blushing like crazy? GAH!!! ANYWAYS IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!

Well much to my surprise Kagura wasn’t able to bring her back, but he did manage to get her to understand who he is, and how his language works. Mykage decided to be all like, “Nah he got what he wanted faster than expected, I won’t bring him back just yet. LOL” to the point Kagura ended getting wounded after getting shot by Cayenne.
I’m not sure whether I am actually happy or not that Mikono protected Kagura when Amata was about to shoot him. I am honestly confused about how I felt during that scene, but I think I’m worried about how my shipping senses takes it. I mean, shipping wise- it’s squea worthy, but at the same time with the whole situation it felt kind of sad too. Maybe I felt both. I’m guessing if I did feel sad, it was because of the mood and how Amata is facing the shock of Mikono defending the guy she has been scared of the entire time, and Zessica’s pity.
Speaking of Zessica, the reason why she shared the legend how Kagura and Mikono are destined for each other (Apollon and Sylvie) precisely because she cares for him and she doesn’t want him to get hurt rather than try and give herself an advantage in hopes Amata would accept what should be his fate.
Amata I must say, was very manly this episode. I was cringing at all the painful blows and impacts he had to deal with during his man to man fight against Kagura. At one point I was certain he broke his neck, but as usual since this is Anime- it wasn’t the case. His Element Power also improved thanks to that grave exercise. With this upgrade, Kagura’s power of reversal has no impact on him (well isn’t that handy!).
Finally, one word of advice: DON’T FORGET THAT KAGURA SPEAKS BACKWARDS- NO MATTER HOW CUTE HE ACTS! Because I swear it’s incredibly distracting and just by that alone can make you forget- just as I did!!!


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0 thoughts on “Aquarion EVOL Ep 15: KAGURA STOP IT- STOP BEING SO ADORKABLE!

  1. When I saw Kagura blush, I kinda…well, screamed. My Ma came in and asked if there was a burgalar. XD
    By the way, what do you think of the new ending song? Have you seen it translated…it’s so sad…

    1. ;A; OMG yeah it killed me! I was like, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?!?!?! JUST BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!”

  2. AND SAD YUNOHA ENDING, read the lyrics D: I feel like history is repeating itself. Yunoha and Jin is new Celiane/Apollonius. Baw.

      1. I think he will come back, in some way/some form. Because Kawamori through Mikage channeling his troll power is the ultimate “what a twist” ass puller. Mikage ALMOST seems like a good guy, but going about his methods in an extreme evil way.
        WHY DO I FEEL LIKE IZUMO IS GOING TO DIE?! I dunno, Altair’s lord has death flags kill me Mikage written all over him. My fav part:
        “You wound me Izumo…Kagura is just following the call of the wild. Now go Kagura…TO THE HOLY LAND OF LOVE!”
        Mikage knows Izumo/Alicia has some sort of significance, or else he wouldn’t be trolling the ass out of him in EVERY episode we’ve seen them together. You can just feel it…

  3. I got so emotional watching this episode :’D
    I can’t stop replaying the Kagura scenes because they’re so skldfjskldjfsdfjslkajdfksdfjdk KYAAAAAA ///-///

    1. <3 <3 <3 I rewatched that scene almost a dozen times. Seriously it's SO refreshing after all the despair we had to put up with for the last few episodes.

  4. I know! The lyrics are beautiful though…and it’s just such a tragically symbolic song. Yunoha’s voice is so innocent. I really hope Jin does come back though…my thoughts are Kagura may die at the end of the series (DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN THOUGH!!) and may bring Jin back?
    …Although, if Jin doesn’t come back…I’m shipping Yunoha with Cayenne. *shot*

    1. I laughed uncontrollably. But I think he’ll get shipped with Sazanka (Shrade said their union together would be beautiful. and he wanted to see it/make it happen.) Or she’ll be paired with Malloy. We’ll see :O

  5. This episode was sooo awesome. I love Kagura so much (and I would like Mikono to choose him). I loved this ending, although it’s so sad. I agree with Brink, I think Cayenne will be shipped with Sazanka.
    My thoughts of the end: in last episodes Mikono will have develop some romantic feelings toward Kagura so the forbidden love will be reborn just like Mikage wants, but in the end Kagura will betray Mikage and die so Mikono will probably end up with Amata. Or something like this.
    My perfect end would be: Mikono/Kagura, Zessica/Amata, Yunoha/Jin (back from the dead), Cayenne/Shrade (and Sazanka), Alicia back to Vega and Mikage dead.

  6. I loved this episode soooo much. Half the reason I started watching this anime TBH. I love crap like this, IGAF if it’s stereotypical. I LOVE KAGURAAAAAA >////////> *kyaaaaaa*
    I have a feeling he’s not dead. He’s pretty freaking strong, and I’m sure Mikage has something up his sleeve…Plus Kagura talked in the next episode preview, sooooo.
    Anybody know that song right when Kagura gets shot? It’s so pretty! >< I really want it! I can't find the OST anywhere. Thank! 🙂
    I love this anime~

    1. XD I highly doubt Kagura is dead, wounded yes, but not dead. And oh god don’t mention about Mykage having something up his sleeve, if anything I’m going to EXPODE or emotionally breakdown in response.
      The OST won’t be out for another while, though there have been songs used from the previous series it seems.

    1. I am working on them right now, Ep 17 is 90% complete Ep 16 is just getting started. They’ve been delayed due to dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which had gotten so bad, I couldn’t type. I plan to have them out this afternoon.

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