ZETMAN Episode 2: The Heart of an Inferno

Ten years pass, and…


The story fast-forwards to about ten years later. Jin and Kouga have grown into men, but their ideals haven’t changed. A Fire Player has been instigating arson in the city, and this leads to the inevitable confrontation between him and Zetman, as Jin continues to search for the answers as to why he is being chased and what the meaning of the “Angel’s Ring” is.


That was…a lot to take in. I’m still unsure how to feel about the speed of this show. They went from 9-year-old kids to full-blown adults in 2 episodes, and I know that they want to get to the meat of the story, but is this going to help the people who are new to the series? I can follow, but there’s very little time to enjoy the artwork and story when they’ve just about chucked about a whole bunch of characters and back history at you. Good episode, so much stuff to chew on…just too fast. ;A;

First, I wanted to discuss Konoha. I’ve never really been a fan of the female characters in ZETMAN, because they’re usually just kept around as kidnap material, but Kouga really tries to bring her into the forefront of his battle for justice. This has a double-meaning, in my view, because, on one hand, he’s an older brother, and secondly, Konoha is female. I’ll explain this a bit more below.

Kouga involves his sister in his grand plan to be a hero, which is good because he considers her good enough to help. But at the same time, he’s extremely premature in thinking style, especially compared to Jin. This can be seen in the van scene with the Trio, where he opts not to wear the helmet in order to look cool, and states that he is after the culprit, and not there to save lives in the burning building. He repeats that mistake when he tries to convince Jin to leave the unconscious mother behind- he has ideals, but doesn’t have a practical way to apply them. This is related to Konoha because he is pretty much in charge of her as an older brother, and if any harm came to her, he would be the one that would be responsible. This is a very rigid way to think about human relationships, but in my opinion, it’s wrong and immature for Kouga to drag his sister into his stupidity. Secondly, Konoha plays the supporter role, whether helping Kouga with the burning building or feeding the homeless. She does have a good sense of justice, but applies it in a different manner than her brother. She falls into the same trap as her brother, though. When she tried to stop a fight, she had the idea to stop it, but was unable to do anything properly herself, and still required the assistance of Jin to stop it. More female characters that rely on male counterparts…sigh.

You can probably tell I’m not much of a Kouga fan.

doki doki キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

Teehee. (≧∇≦)/

That was the major beef I had with the episode, the speed. The Kouga fangirls are introduced (coughdoomedcough), and we get to see how far Jin has developed in controlling the ZET. But at the same time, we know absolutely nothing about any new powers. Kouga has an infinite arsenal of “toys” but for ZET, all we know is that he can regenerate and is stronger than usual. There’s plenty of other issues with the story (who is that gang that Jin hangs with? What school? How did they pay the bill for the hospital? Etc.), but not anything that will destroy how everything is building up.

So…13 players. 13 episodes? I hope not, this show was not meant to be episodic. crosses fingers


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