Fudou sends the team out for training with both teams in Aquarion mode to fight each other. Amata’s team fails miserably as he is too caught up with his own dilemmas. Zessica then decides to muster up her courage and confess her love to Amata, as result fulfilled the final step into ‘forbidden love’ which makes Aquarion unleash power through space and time.

Well that flashback of the relationship between Apollo and Silvia from the Sousei no Aquarion (the pre sequel) took quite a bit of screen time. For those such as myself who aren’t familiar with what happened in Sousei no Aquarion, this was the perfect way to give us a explanation and show us the promise that Apollo and Silvia had exchanged, (to meet again in 12 000 years) and how the  mystical Legendary Aquarion was sealed.
It was great to see the secondary/minor characters such as Bianca, Malloy and Cayenne be badass and totally own Arata, Zessica and Mikono for most part of their match. I have to say I couldn’t stop cracking up about how much pride both Bianca and Malloy have regarding their Elemental Power. Biance’s corrosion was definitely unexpected, and the way she announced it was so hilarious.
Amata really needs to get a grip with himself. His current attitude isn’t giving him any points to make me like his character. It only makes me dislike him even more.
I have to applaud Zessica for mustering up the courage to confess to Arata. It was so cute, and everyone’s reaction towards it was hilarious!!! Funny enough, while love is forbidden so that Aquarion wouldn’t go berserk, it’s the source of awakening newfound power- even if it’s unrequited. You know when you think about it, it’s pretty depressing how everyone immediately identified it as unrequited love. Poor girl…
But hey, there’s one positive outcome of this whole confession: Zessica was able to fulfil the final step into ‘forbidden love’ which makes Aquarion unleash power through space and time. Thanks to that, they got the flashback episode.
I love the fact that Yunoha has developed so much as a character. She has really stepped up and isn’t hesitating anymore to go and comfort her friends.
Finally, the new OP is fantastic, I love it a lot more than the first one. It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch and the song is super upbeat! I’m really looking forward to the full version.


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  1. Anonymous

    During the flashback, it shows the final battle between Toma’s Cherub and Aquarion from the OVAs/Movie. The image of Toma is also from the same scene.

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