One Piece Episode 544: Otohime's Drunken Speech of Awesome


Following Fisher Tiger’s death, Arlong goes mad and raids the marines’ ships, only to get knocked out hardcore and imprisoned by Admiral Kizaru, while Jimbei takes over the commandment of the Sun Pirates. He keeps on his life as a pirate, until his bounty exceeds ridiculous amounts and the Marines ask him to become a Shichibukai, which he accepts for the sake of all slaves who want to live normally. This causes Arlong to be even more mad after he comes out of Impel Down, and in the end the Sun Pirates split onto 3 groups due to having different values.
Meanwhile, Queen Otohime remains a trooper by trying again and again to tell people that they should relocate next to humans, despite all the rejection she gets. After everyone who signed decides to resign however, she goes through a rough time, getting drunk and telling the whole Merman population that they are big losers yay for maturity!
And so, from the looks of it, there shouldn’t be many more episodes before we get to the end of these flashbacks! Not that they weren’t good, but I do enjoy the main story much more since, you know, they actually involve the Strawhat Pirates. Now that Tiger is dead and the Sun Pirates are split up, we just need to have Queen Otohime’s plot point to be concluded, and we’ll pretty much have the jist of what happened during that crucial time on Merman Island.
I’m not too surprised so far of what’s happening, I must say that I expected Queen

If you sign on this suspicious paper I'll give you a cookie! 🙂

Otohime’s hopes to fall one day, but I didn’t think she’d get drunk and start calling everyone a loser. Interestingly enough, it looks like her drunken talk got through to more people than all her other speeches ever did. What she said was really awesome, and had I been a mermaid I might’ve wanted to relocate next to racist bastards too, in order to try and stop them from being racist bastards. This woman’s ideals are absolutely great, and I definitely expect her to find some renewed hope and start chasing everyone around with her paper again. Gosh, I love her so much.
Hopefully next episode will be the last flashback?…Please, Toei? 🙂

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