Gakkatsu episode 1 [First Impression]: What the hell am I watching?

I don’t even know how to express how confused and annoyed I am with this show.



Let’s start by making things clear, I was not expecting something that bad when I read the description for the show. The flash-like art did not bother me, the 5 minutes run-time didn’t bother me either. What really bothered me was how pointless and stupid the show was !

What is this even supposed to be ! When I heard the word debate I was looking forward for some intelligent discussion with interesting characters and opinions. NOT THIS !

The characters are all stupid, ignorant, exagerrated or pointless, the question for debate are boring and are not even something you can really debate on. This episode was far from a debate, it was only the student president dictating a discussion, a debate most have different parties that holds the same weight, that class settup and the way the “debate” is going doesn’t allow for multiple opinions to be explored and debated upon. It is only a little bitch that cries at stupid pointless question.

I won’t even bother watching a single more episode of this shit, I don’t recommend it to anyone either, it is utter crap. Unless you want to tell everyone to watch this as some kind of rick roll…

Possibility of Watching: None

Possibility of Blogging: Impossible

ZeroG signing off

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