The second season  of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is upon us and it begins with a such an incredible episode, I pissed my pants…twice!



I don’t even know where to start, it was already just so nice to see every character at the table and discuss their little lives, How I missed just the simple things and recurring jokes of the show. But the episode was even more hilarious than I thought it would be, after the introduction was over, I couldn’t stop laughing for a single second.




We already have two new characters that have been introduced this episode. First we have the class representative, a cute human(I keep some reserve about that fact) girl who managed to get kidnapped by a giant squid in the very first episode. I have a feeling that she will become a love interest for Ayumu and after all, a human is something quite exotic in this show, she has much that she can bring to the table if she is to enter Ayumu’s world.


that's embarassing

The second character that was introduced is by far my favorite, the drunken fairy. I have no idea what the writers for this show are smoking, but it is doing a fine job to improve their creativity. Just the idea of having a character who is always drunk is already quite funny and interesting, but now she is a fairy to boot…and she pukes rainbow ! When that scene happened I had to stop the video, I think I was really close to literally die of laughter. I’m pretty sure she is not just part of Ayumu’s imagination and I am eager to see what part she will have in the story, but right now I think she might very well become one of my favorite very quickly.


You know you are awesome when you puke rainbows

There were a lot of recurring joke in the episode, but they were so nice to hear after all this time. I love to see Ayumu melt under the sun, to see Ayumu’s perverted imaginary scene with Euclywood and most of all to see Ayumu protect his anus when he realized that he was getting molested by a strange bulky man. We have already encountered our first Megalo in this episode  and he already nearly tentacle raped a young student. Haruna was already seen half-naked, it really seems like everything is back to how it used to be a year ago.


I can already smell the tentacle raping happening

Another interesting thing in this episode is that Ayumu was found out, he was caught on camera when he was doing his magnificent cross-dressing scene in the graveyard. But the trouble didn’t end there, he was caught fighting with the Megalo in front of EVERYONE in the school. Pictures were taken and twitters were twitted and now that Ayumu broke the chain saw, I really wonder how Ayumu’s life will turn out from now on. It was really funny to see that every student were more interested in seeing Ayumu in his fabulous cross-dressing cosplay than to take a single picture of the giant squid that was flying in the sky slowly tentacle raping the class representative.


That is some bad periods

This is why I love this show, it is never serious, but somehow always epic. Don’t event think I would even consider for a single second not to cover this show, I want to see just how great this season will be, this first episode was even better than the first episode of the first season, so I cannot even begin to guess just how great this season will be. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.


Possibility of Watching:  Guaranteed

Possibility of Blogging: Unless I die and don’t become a zombie, I’ll be blogging this


Not as heroic as one would expect

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Mekem

    Still not a kick.
    What a riot! No shortcuts this time Ayumu, you are gonna suffer and you are gonna live with it.
    Even though Miss Fairy will probably turn out to be real, I still really like the idea of an awesome character like her be a figment of our hero’s imagination. Isn’t it kinda funny how she was eating squid and a squid Megalo appeared?

    Also, class rep isn’t a new character, she was in the first season the whole time.

    1. ZeroG

      I must admit that it would indeed be funny if the fairy was part of Ayumu’s imagination, but he doesn’t have that kind of imagination, so it is unlikely.

      but thank you for pointing out that the class rep was already in the previous season, I had no memory what so ever of her presence lol

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